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  • Diet And The Benefits Of The Keetogenic Diet

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    Ketogenic Diet: There was once a time when low-fat diet was considered “healthy”. Oh, how times have changed! When we look back a few decades, fat was considered evil, now the title has been given to carbohydrates in the world of fitness. The truth is, neither of them is evil, both are indispensable macronutrients required for a healthy functioning body. Ever since the studies depicted the effectiveness in weight loss of the low carbohydrate, high-fat diet, more and more fitness folks have embraced

  • Vegetarian Diets: The Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

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    adjusting their diet and lifestyle. One way that people have tried to pursue a healthier lifestyle, is by removing meat and other animal products from their diets, whether they become a strict vegetarian who eats no animal byproducts, or a lacto-ovo vegetarian who still eats eggs and dairy. As with any other lifestyle, research is always being done to see if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, and so far, the results of vegetarian diets have been encouraging. Vegetarian diets have proven to decrease

  • Western Diet Vs. Vegan Diet

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    I. Western vs. Vegan Diet A. With a toppling number of 500; in today’s society this is the exceeding number of diets in existence. As humans we crave an image of perfection in one’s self; and a diet is just a route we take to achieve this goal. The question that comes to mind of many is: Which diet actually works? The family oriented traditional western diet or the plant based vegan diet? B. “The western diet is characterized by high intakes of red meat, sugary desserts, high-fat foods, and refined

  • Diet, Pescetarianism, And The Mediterranean Diet

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    sporting a yellow polka dot bikini whose diet consists of strictly salad. As a result, tons of insane, unrealistic dieting plans have emerged, most of which are just fancy and expensive ways of starving yourself. While most of these are highly unethical, a couple have persevered to be quite successful, not only with keeping the number on your scale down, but also with keeping down the numbers of your cholesterol and blood pressure. The Mediterranean Diet, Pescetarianism, and

  • Liquid Diets

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    Liquid Diets Obesity is one of the most common problems faced by people today. Since thirty-four million Americans are estimated to be obese, one out of every three Americans must live with this disorder. Obesity is defined as a body weight consisting of 20% or more above the standard ideal weight ( In order to reduce obesity, most invest in diet and exercise programs. Recently, liquid diets have been positively

  • The Wrong Diets

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    Fad diets are unhealthy. Some people believe that fad diets work. Fad diets are getting more and more popular in the dieting market. In today’s society people should be more educated on these diets before using them and these fad diets should be prescribed to a qualified patient by a health physician or doctor to people that are heavily obese that need to lose weight rapidly to help them with their health. Fad diet supplements are wrong because they provide no nutrients for the body and people need

  • The Paleo Diet: The Caveman Diet

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    lose weight fast or build lean muscle. Then we’ve got every diet under the sun, the no carb diet, high protein diet and all juice diets. Through research we can find and utilize programs and healthy habits that we can practice for a long healthful lifetime. The Paleo Diet also known as “The Caveman Diet” has gained wide popularity across the country with everyone from celebrities to your average Joe’s next door. The uprising of this diet better referred to as a lifestyle has come from ideas and guidelines

  • Macrobiotic Diet Analysis

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    "Should people follow the Macrobiotic Diet? has been the most mentioned topic in history of diets around the global. Why should people follow it? As to that Macrobiotic Diet is not just a diet, it approaches you to live healthy and longer. In fact Macrobiotic Diet stresses the importance of a balanced diet, because one's diet is created for the foundation of a happy and harmonious life. Macrobiotic Diet combines tenets of Zen Buddhism with a western-style vegetarian diet where the word Macrobiotic comes

  • Effects Of Vegetarian Diet

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    vegetarian diet? By Lauren Knobel 2017 Types of vegetarians: • Lacto Vegetarian • Ovo Vegetarian • Lacto-ovo Vegetarian • Pollotarian • Pescatarian • Vegan Lacto Vegetarian Lacto vegetarians consume dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt. Lacto vegetarians do not consume red or white meat, fish, fowl or eggs. Benefits: A lacto-vegetarian when well planned can be nutritionally balanced and health promoting for children and adults. Health risks: Foods are excluded from this diet need to be

  • Fad Diets Essay

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    Fad Diets Benefits and Risks The Good and the Bad about Fad Diets What You Need to Know About Fad Diets A Fad diet refers to a very restrictive feeding plan where you eat an unusual combination of foods or with few foods for a short period to so that you can lose weight quickly. These include only weight loss diets that tend to become popular over given period, which could be for decades or several years. Therefore, Fad diets are trendy or fashionable diets that involve reducing food intake to lose

  • Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet

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    Title: How the Mediterranean Diet Beats High Blood Pressure Word Count: 613 Summary: People who live along the Mediterranean Sea don't follow a low-fat diet ... yet, they have lower blood pressure and less risk of heart attack. Why? Keywords: high blood pressure, Mediterranean diet, heart attack, natural whole foods, fats, olive oil, fish, fruits, vegetables Article Body: The Mediterranean diet is not some new fad diet ... dreamed up by a weight-loss "guru" or as a new health measure. It is

  • Essay On Vegetarian Diet

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    A vegetarian diet is defined as one that does not include meat, poultry and fish. It includes grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. Vegetarians have higher intakes of fruit and vegetables, fibre, antioxidant nutrients and lower intakes of saturated fat and cholesterol compared with meateaters. Three most common types of vegetarian/vegan diet are: - The vegan will not eat dairy products, eggs or any other animal product. - A lacto-ovo-vegetarian eats both dairy products and eggs, this is a common

  • Diet Persuasive Speech

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    What do you think when you hear the word diet? For many people, it means eating from a narrow list of foods that you must force down until you just can't stand it any more. In truth, some of the diets out there are rather monotonous such as grapefruit diets or diets based on drinking protein shakes.Sometimes you are encouraged to invest in a host of pre-prepared foods, guaranteed to make you slim if you just keep buying and eating them. Unfortunately diets that don't use "real" food aren't all that

  • The Atkins Diet

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    the number of overweight individuals skyrockets, so too does the number of various diets that Americans are willing to try in their search for the thin standard that our culture idolizes. One of the most popular, and many claim successful, of the conglomerate of diets is the Atkins protein diet, named after its founder and guru Dr. Robert C. Atkins. With more than six million copies in print, Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution proclaims to be "the amazing no-hunger weight-loss plan that has helped millions

  • Essay On The Paleo Diet

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    Started with the Paleo Diet If you’ve been looking for a diet program to help you lose weight and improve your health, you’ve no doubt come across the Paleo diet. But what is this diet plan and what sets it apart from other plans? In this guide you’ll learn more about the Paleo diet basics. You’ll also learn its benefits, the challenges you may encounter, and how to get started with the practical meal planning and grocery shopping. What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet has actually been around

  • Fad Diets

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    so many diets established to try and reduce these constantly rising rates. A lot of these weight-loss diets that have been established are known as fad diets. A fad diet is a diet that becomes popular quickly, and may die out just as quickly. In the United States, there are some popular and healthy fad diets such as the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, and Weight Watchers. The Atkins diet is one of the most popular fad diets. Carbohydrates play an important role in the Atkins diet. This diet

  • The Zone Diet

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    It seems like everywhere you look there is some new diet plan making miraculous promises of weight loss through pills, plans, and formulas. The zone diet is no exception. The zone diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears in his book," Enter the Zone" which was on the bestseller lists for weeks. The zone promises high energy, weight loss, and no hunger to those willing to follow the simple set of zone rules. It sounds great you say, but does it really work? What is the Zone? The "zone" was first

  • Comparing the Atkins Diet and the Zone Diet

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    Comparing the Atkins Diet and the Zone Diet The Atkins and the Zone Diet both view carbohydrates as one of the key nutrients in attaining a reasonable weight. The Atkins Diet reduces one's intake of carbohydrates to the bare minimum substituting them with high fats and proteins. Insulin levels within the body are maintained at a constant level with these foods. But many skeptics do not believe that the Atkins choice of food is very healthy. The Zone Diet believes in more of a balance of

  • Negative Effects of the Atkins Diet

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    Negative Effects of the Atkins Diet Countless Americans have been purchasing products about the Atkins Diet without being aware of its side effects. Common arguments about the Atkins diet is it greatly affects a persons health, one major disease that the Atkins diet has been blamed of is heart disease as well as heart attacks. Organizations such as the American Heart Association and the American Dietetic Association have been criticizing the Atkins Diet on its unhealthy way of losing weight

  • The Pros And Cons Of Vegetarian Diet

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    evolving landscape of neurological research, a plant-based diet may help in treating symptoms of anxiety and depression.” Neal Barnard, M.D. Unfortunately, depression affects a staggering 9.5% of the adult population. As a result $83 billion are lost in productivity each year. Research suggests that a Western Diet, high in fat and animal protein contributes to lower cognitive abilities and mood disorders. Thus, adopting a vegetarian diet is an excellent choice for many people because it improves