Moving To America (The Important Event Of My Life)

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: Moving to United States of America. (The important event of my life) There are various changes that can occur in an individual’s life. Some variations are very little and would not affect your lifecycle very greatly. Nevertheless, other events could be very significant and could change a person’s entire life, such as marrying, giving birth to the baby, or losing someone special. The important event that transformed my life is coming to the United States of America to get education and to study. When I first arrived in this country, I comprehended that an incredible change would happen in my life both mentally and physically. After living more than one year in the United States, I definitely believe that moving to the United States is an advantageous change for me. This change offers me an opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle as well as a new way of thinking that are significant for me and the most importantly it provided me a better education in a simple way.…show more content…
Previously coming to the United States, I used to stay up late at night to study and wake up early in the morning. This was a disaster to my health that could origin me to get sick simply. When I decided to come to America, I prepared up my mind and was firm to maintain a healthy schedule and lifestyle. For example, I love and appreciate the American-style meal which contains a fresh salad instead of cooked vegetables. This routine of cooking vegetables aids me to get more vitamins from it. This lifestyle also taught me to eat healthy and clean food. It motivated me to work out consistently. It influenced me to be consistent. As a result, I can sense that I am becoming healthier and healthier day by
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