Diet Will Have A Negative Effect Essay

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Do you ever find yourself feeling really good until you eat? I 'm talking about having a meal and crashing to the point where you can 't focus or even stay upright? If you do, then it 's time to take a look at the foods you are eating and how they interact with your body. Why? By eating the right foods you will not only gain more energy throughout your day, you will also raise your overall frequency and have more energy and happiness in life.

This report will cover exactly what you can do to your diet to start feeling better today. As someone who has adopted this lifestyle, I can tell you that it is NOT easier said than done. It is actually pretty easy to eat like this, and the benefits make it extremely easy to stick to this way of eating.
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In terms of diet, there are many things that can affect your metabolism negatively.

1. Eating a diet too low in calories can cause the body to go into starvation mode. The body loses muscle, the metabolic rate slows down because it doesn 't need to consume and burns as many calories for good health, and you start to gain weight instead of lose weight.

2. Eating too much unhealthy fat that causes your metabolism to slow down and hold on to some of the extra fat for the future. This means you start to gain weight, which can affect your hormones in a negative way and have a further negative effect on your metabolism. While fries and burgers may taste good once in a while, they are not meant to be eaten everyday if you want to maintain good health. That 's just the bottom line.

3. Eating too much food during your day. It doesn 't matter if it is healthy food, fatty food, or any other kind of food, overeating affects your metabolism negatively. It can cause metabolic inflammation, which contributes to some serious conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. Overeating can influence the hypothalamus negatively too, which further has a negative effect on your metabolism as the hypothalamus regulates many metabolic

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