Self Awareness Assessment

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As we reviewed the self awareness module this past week it was very interesting to see how the self assessments provided the class information about their own personal human behaviors. I was aware of most of the information provided but there were some tendencies I was surprised to find fitted my character. It was good to be reminded of the things I had forgotten about myself. Learning about my individuality and how I interact and respond to others based on my traits, personality and behavior has been an awakening experience. It is also great to know that I can work on areas that need improvement to become a more balance person to better assist my subordinates, teams and organizations. Part I. Strengths Personal Profile System Two strengths I learned during my Self Awareness assessment were being a good listener and showing loyalty. I really try to be a good listener in all situations. I like to hear the whole story or complete process in whatever it may be. I am cautious about making decisions without having all the details. I don't mind taking the time out to get the details. Yes, it may take some time up front and may not lead to a quick decision but in the long run it prevents mistakes and errors as well as misjudging which can lead to more heartache and pain down the road. Loyalty is also very important to me in the work center. Knowing that you are devoted and committed to the success of the organization will motivate your people to do the same. They also need to know that they can come to you with a problem whether it is personal or work related. This will allow them to be more open to bringing problems to your attention that could later have a disastrous effect on the organization in the future. Both pers... ... middle of paper ... ...rtant decision. Four Domains of Wellness I improve my overall wellness by ensuring I am staying connected to God through church, spiritual reading, praying and my accountability partner (spiritual). I also try to stay in good spirits by mentally and physically protecting my self-esteem and self worth. Any time I get negative feelings about myself I refocus my thinking. I also try to find the purpose of both good and bad situations I encounter. I believe everything happens for a reason but it is up to us to discover the purpose (emotional). I also love to work out and being in shape. Sometimes it get hectic with my work and school schedule but I am learning that every bit counts. I work out at least three times a week for 45 min and I am working on making eating a healthy life style (physical). I improve my social wellness by being a positive influence
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