Essay about Hunger Is The Biggest Issues That The World Faces Today

Essay about Hunger Is The Biggest Issues That The World Faces Today

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Hunger is one of the biggest issues that the world faces today. In America, when we hear of hunger, we think about third world countries like Africa, not knowing that we Americans face that problem right here under our nose. A Place at the Table is trying to show us how hunger is being unnoticed in America, and the movie “fed up” is trying to show the viewers how the consumption of junk food has led to obesity and how obesity has caused more deaths than starvation. Both movies shows us of how unhealthy food is being consumed and why people consume the most unhealthy food. Fed Up is more persuasive, because it shows that people lack the knowledge of what to take into their body, and some of the people are just used to eating in that manner they were brought up, while A Place at the Table shows how people consume cheaper foods because they do not have the means to purchase healthy foods. The films A Place at the Table and Fed Up are trying to portray and show the viewers about hunger and food being produced and consumed in America.
A Place at the Table shows how people consume cheaper foods because they do not have the means to purchase healthy foods. The movie also shows how hunger in America affects kids and how some people are denied government welfare just because they are probably a dollar or two dollars above the minimum wage. The movie also states how people would think that those people who are poor would be the ones to be thin but it is the opposite way. Poor people tend to eat the unhealthy foods that makes them gain weight because they cannot access the healthy foods. According to the movie, it states that healthy food has gone up to 40% and junk food has gone down 40%. If the prices of healthy food a...

... middle of paper ... their head that fast foods are cheaper. The movie also states that some people are prone to genetics to be obese, but that is not an excuse to keep eating unhealthy food. It also states that obesity is marked the number one form of malnutrition in the United States.
A Place at the Table and Fed Up are trying to portray and show the viewers about hunger and food being produced and consumed in America. In conclusion, the two films help educate its viewers, the people of America, of the hunger situation and health issues caused by poor diet. What can we do to help solve this problem America is facing? The films show that this is an issue that will not be solved in one day but will take a while to completely solve it. We need to start now with the process to help reduce obesity rates in the United States and make sure everybody has a way of eating day to day.

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