Comparison Of Obesity In The Film 'Fed Up'

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Obesity is one of the most serious health problems, and it has been increasing significantly. The film “Fed Up” attempts to provide an answer to why people become obese: food itself. However, “real food” as solution offered in the film begs the question of feasibility. The film assumes that people in general have time to buy, prepare, and cool “real food” and thus commits the fallacy of contradicting its own theory by suggesting that it’s the people’s fault for not being diligent enough in taking care of their health. The film starts with what the government and many food companies say: that people become obese because do not exercise as much as they eat, and that obesity is caused by lack of effort. As the film suggest, exercise can moderate …show more content…

However, the outcome was different from his desired result due to strong protest from the dairy and livestock industry, so the Congress instead urged people to buy lean meat and less fat food so the dairy and livestock industry do not go out of business. This created the fat-free boom in the market in the 1980s. However, food companies began to put more sugar in their products because the taste was bad when they reduced fat in the food. Now, the sugar intake of Americans has doubled compared with before. In the American market, there are approximately 600,000 different food products, and 80% of those include sugar. Although sugar is written in various forms and names, one suggests that it’s bad in any form, especially if taken too much. Sugar consumed naturally through fiber-rich fruit or vegetable should be fine, but the added sweeteners stimulate the hormones that increase insulin. High insulin prevents people from thinking they are full, and thus crave more food. This causes many diseases. Of course one meal high in sugar will not kill them, but the problem is that people generally exceed daily sugar intake in one meal alone when consuming process food. We eat more processed and convenient food instead of fruits, vegetables, and …show more content…

The consequences of obesity are clear: various metabolic problems, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and high blood pressure. Risk of heart diseases more as we gain more fat. Sleep apnea can also result, as well as joint problems. Obesity is not only a result of lack of exercise, but of the kind of food people consume. The film “Fed Up” does not address whether “real food” as solution to this endemic is feasible, assumes that people have the time, money and energy to control their health by buying, preparing and cooking real food, and leaves the audience wondering whether their laziness that prevents them from investing time, energy and money to cook and consume slow food at home. However, health is not just a personal battle left to individuals; the food industry and the government should take more part in conscienscious research and education to provide truly healthy choices at reasonable

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