Human Resource Management And Organizational Development Essay

Human Resource Management And Organizational Development Essay

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After reading, The making of twenty-first century HR: An analysis of the convergence of HRM, HRD, and OD, I found myself learning a lot more in-depth about the principles of HR. Just starting out as a Human Resource minor I was only familiar with the term Human Resource Management. Ruona and Gibson help me open my eyes to the ever growing history of the principles of Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, and Organizational Development. The evolution of these three principles is fascinating especially when looking at what they have evolved into today. This evolution is important when thinking about these principles and putting them to use in the Human Resource field.
Human Resource Management has completely changed since the mid-1980s. In the beginning, HRM was used to manage transactional components “including benefits, employment/recruitment action, safety, and OSHA compliance, labor relations, and training and development” (Ruona & Gibson, p. 52). During this time period it seems like Human Resource Management’s functions were a bit broad and overlapped with the functions of the other two principles. During the early 1990’s I can see a shift in responsibility for Human Resource Management and its responsibilities. “Activities included outsourcing, reengineering of HRM processes, transferring the responsibility for employee transactions to the line managers as well as employees, and the centralization of transaction processing through the establishment of HR service centers” (Brockbank, 1999 as cited in Ruona & Gibson, p. 54). HRM began to specify its goals and rearrange the way things are done to also enhance employee satisfaction and organizational climate. Here we are at the current practices of HRM and how we...

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...rstand the evolution and the difference in these three principles will better help me to understand any future job I may have. A clear understanding of the three principles will be an asset if I were to ever work in a specific part of Human Resources and ultimately give me an upper hand on how to successfully do my job. Before reading this article I was completely unaware of the differences in the principles and now I feel as though I am equipped with a better understanding of the principles. The definition I have of Human Resource Development is the integrated use of training and development to expand on people’s work-related abilities to achieve organizational and individual goals. My revised definition of Human Resource Development is the learning process used to enhance organizational impact in all levels of a system to achieve organizational and individual goals.

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