How Social Media Has Hurt Our Communities? Essay examples

How Social Media Has Hurt Our Communities? Essay examples

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Ever since the first social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997, problems have arose around the online interactions between people. In the present day with Facebook and Twitter, social networking has hurt our communities and us as individuals with lack of face to face communication, inappropriate content and cyberbullying. Delving into these concerns, there are facts that need to be known.
Ever since the creation of social media, face to face communication has been at an alltime low. Many people chose to talk over social media such as Facebook and Twitter because many things are easier to type than they are to verbally say. This is a way to escape confrontation and gives the illusion of security. People are able to say whatever they want, be whoever you want without thinking there are consequences. It has become rare for people to catch up over a cup of coffee or lunch because social media gives the option to stay connected through posts and quick messages. The biggest common problem with speaking over messages rather than in person is that the messages rarely get across properly. A message that could be a questions easily could get misunderstood for blaming or calling out. This is because with text it is hardly possible to put the inflection that one would usually have in their voice. A study conducted by Center for the Digital Future at the Usc Annenberg School found that 34% of people reported having less face-to-face interaction with their family. During meals 32% reported using social media or texting. Social media has created an issue that is arising in many homes around the world. Due to people sitting on their phones and computers staying connected through tweets and photos, they become prone to Social Isolation....

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... Middle school children who were victims of cyberbullying were almost twice as likely to attempt suicide. This here is a prime example to why social media is an extremely bad community. Statistics given by the Cyber Bullying Hotline state that 20% of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, and in 10 attempt it and 4500 kids commit suicide each year. This makes suicide the number three killer of teens in the united states.
Social Media, though it has its benefits, has risks and consequences that outway them. Sites like Facebook and Twitter hurt our communities and us as individuals, from cyberbullying to lack of face to face communication, our world is starting to revolve around the internet and its social networking aspects. This has proven to be unhealthy and detrimental to our world. Maybe nexting people will think twice about their choice of social interaction.

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