How Marketing Concept Strategy Significantly And Positively Influences Customer Satisfaction

How Marketing Concept Strategy Significantly And Positively Influences Customer Satisfaction

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This chapter provides a summary of the study findings, conclusion and the recommendations made. The chapter also outlines the limitations of the study and concludes by suggesting areas for further research.
5.2 Summary of the Findings
From the study findings it was clear that marketing concept strategy significantly and positively influences customer satisfaction. The two dimensions studied however influences customer satisfaction on differing levels. Customer orientation is the most influential component with a high positive correlation. This implies that to improve on customer satisfaction levels, focus should be on becoming more customer oriented in respect to eight measures rated by respondents, that is; taking customer feedback, having a deep understanding of customer wants and needs, taking into consideration customer’s interests in decision making, consistently offering products and services that create customer value, engaging in market research activities to determine customer needs, using customer information to deliver products and services that are in line with customer requirements, systematic measures of customer satisfaction and having practices and procedures that consistently focus on delivering customer satisfaction.
Inter-functional coordination on the other hand showed a lower positive correlation with customer satisfaction. This component is therefore also worth focusing on in order to improve the overall customer satisfaction. Based on derived mean scores of the different components of inter-functional coordination, two of them were rated highly and thus should be at the focus of strategic decision making. The two components were; customer information sharing between relevant staff members and consistency an...

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...ther mobile telephony companies in Kenya and across the country as well as in other industries is suggested. This would provide a better and more generalizable view of the influence of marketing concept strategy on customer satisfaction.
The study used Safaricom subscribers as the respondents and the results therefore present customers’ perception. A study that would show the business perspective of its level of marketing orientation compared to the customers’ assessment is suggested. This is important because it will ensure that a firm’s perspectives are synchronized with those of its customers. Additionally, assessing marketing concept from the business perspective will provide an opportunity to include other dimensions of marketing concept not covered in this study, such as competitor orientation. This will enhance the validity and generalizabilty of the results.

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