Customer Relationship Management Case Study

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In today 's business environment, it is very important to understand the consumer 's behaviour as it shapes the market trends. They are well aware, more educated, and more serious in demanding for product and services that they require and they are well aware of the technology and comparing the products. It is imperative for the organisation to understand and share their internal customer knowledge and then combine it with new information about their customers in order to compete in the market and to achieve the future success. The basic three steps in marketing process is to understand the market place, designing marketing strategy in order to customer driven and making up marketing program, which leads to the forth and most important step, is to build a profitable customer relationships, ( kotler & Armstrong, 2006). In order to establish such relationship it is most important to understand Customer relationship management (CRM) which is concept of modern marketing reforms. Kotler 2006, customer relationship management is the overall process of building and maintaining…show more content…
The key to success is to create strong and long term relationship with customer. CRM is an important tool to generate benefits for both customer and sellers. They treated every customer specially and try to get the appropriate information about the usage of their purchase which makes firms to increase their sales and also increase customer loyalty. Furthermore CRM also helps in making the sale processes very easy and simple which help sales staff to deal faster.

There is great opportunity for the organization to cross selling and up selling to customers which are loyal to firms through CRM. This helps the organization to develop the quality and better relationship with customers which also improve customer satisfaction, hence gained customer
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