The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction In The Supermarket

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Customer satisfaction is the overriding factor for the successful operation. Sales of the supermarket can grow when it makes its customers satisfied with the goods or services by best policy to fit customers’ requirement. So, it can be told that customer satisfaction is followed by customer revisiting or repurchasing. They can also tell their acquaintances about products or services as good. Customer satisfaction and sales might be linked directly, companies have to check the factors periodically such as quality, schedule, layout, inventory and so on to lift customer satisfaction because even small factors that employees didn’t recognize can affect consumer satisfaction enormously.
Forecasting allows a supermarket to develop a proper plan.
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A good location can have a significant impact in attracting potential customers, thus improving sales. Especially in the case of a supermarket, location is more important than other business sector. Customers never drive long distances to only buy daily necessities. Moreover, favorable location gives efficiency to company’s logistics because unnecessary moving cost can be cut down. So, we can say that it is important factor for the successful operation of the supermarket.
Inventory management can enhance the efficiency in operation of the supermarket. Supermarket must ensure that the correct levels of inventory are being maintained throughout the store, and that merchandise is purchased at the best price point as possible. Holding too much inventory on hand generate costs like carrying costs. Whereas having too little inventory on hand makes customers dissatisfied and it leads to declining
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First, they get their own system to track down their inventory. If they recognize the deficiency in its inventory on their system, they can easily find out how to manage inventory to catch customer’s demands. It lessens the risk of occurrences of their out-of-stock events. Their system also includes supermarket’s supply chain. It does not focus on just inventory, but it can show managers that their all operations are working well by Wegmans’s strategy. Managers always check out its own supply chain and producing department. For example, they can log all their food’s record by mobile computing tablets. Manufacturers and date of manufacture are registered by all records associated with grocery. It can not only reduce staff requirements and expenses, but also gain
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