How Does Interactive Media Marketing Be An Everyday Tool For People Around The World?

How Does Interactive Media Marketing Be An Everyday Tool For People Around The World?

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The Internet (Web) now and days is not only a place to get on Facebook but instead, is a tool through which various products can be marketed. The Internet has become an everyday tool for people around the world for work, school, or social purposes, but aside from this the Web has a larger portion of it has related to commercial purposes. Currently, the Web “presents the opportunity to efficiently reach audiences in the ways most relevant to them and at unbelievable speeds”. This ability to advertise and communicate with various individuals and in great quality has revolutionized the marketing realm. With this innovative development, though, come certain questions: Where did this new form of marketing conic form, what is its today, and it will still be relevant in the years to come. Fortunately, all of these questions have answers. Interactive media marketing has many things that make up its formative past, and its future. To begin with, interactive media marketing 's past has been influential it is today. As a contrast to recent times before I 980, “most campaigns of consumer persuasion relied primarily on traditional advertising in a few media" (McAllister 507). People had the opportunity to see multiple products through different mediums than they were able to before. Less than a decade after this development, “more than half of US households had Internet connections, and well over two-thirds were using a computer al home, work, or school" (McAllister 506). This made it possible to draw in specific audiences effectively and allowed for a whole new way to advertise a good or product. Campaigns before 1980 did not use many forms of technology to advertise products. They would use things like VCR 's or televisions (TVs), but not t...

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...f marketing research. This ability to have access to such material and information allows for the communication for advertisement and product sales to increase. The people are always able to see the products and buy the ones they want, and the owners are always able to put out more advertisements to new customers. Another aspect of the Web is its "two-way, interactive nature means that senders and receivers can respond to one another in an ongoing fashion ' ' (McAllister 506). A constant interaction allows for continuous sales and marketing to continue with the importance of interactive media marketing, the Internet has allowed digital advertisement to become the normal way to promote their goods. As stated in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media" the exponential growth of the Internet and the continuous development of its broadband distribution systems have

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