How Does Conflict Lead to Change

How Does Conflict Lead to Change

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how does conflict lead to change?
The conflict in the dogs could teach me starts when Gary realizes that his dogs were very smart. He used to trap animals when he was young but the incident when one of his dogs Columbia meticulously arranges a scenario to tease Olaf, a boneheaded dog changed him. so via his internal conflict which is his struggling to trap and kill animals that could be as intelligent as Columbia is, changed forever his perspective on animals. he swore to never again intentionally hurt any animal. also another example of when conflict lead to change is the american revolution. another example is when american settlers invaded the lands of the Indians. also another example of when conflict lead to change is the french and Indian war. so conflict can cause a change in society but its impact is ultimately decided by the humans and nature within the area.

Gary's dogs were very smart because one of his dogs planned and enacted an intelligent plan in order to tease a known dumb bully. this act led Gary to rethink his perspective on the nature of animals; whether they were smart or dumb. his dogs displayed another intelligent act when he fell and severely injured himself and against all odds they returned to him. his dogs were also very smart when they knew where Gary was when he fell. also one of his dogs instinctively knew his injury and started licking his wound to staunch the bleeding. when the dogs came to save him he thought that somewhere they had great knowledge and maybe knew, almost motherly where he was and essentially cared for him. so all in all the dogs had vast knowledge and loved him motherly, sometimes very different from our society. so maybe the dogs just might have something to teach us.

an almost model example of how conflict lead to change is the american revolution. conflict arises from 2 or more incompatible societies and when they grate against each other friction arises which is conflict. the american rev conflict arose when British enacted unfair rules against the colonies; the 2 incompatible societies. this in turn lead to various rebellions across the colonies united by one goal. to evict Britain from this land once ad for all. after all was said and done the colonies repaired themselves and made a constitution to unite the colonies. this in turn made 13 separate colonies into 1 country.

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which eventually expanded into the USA we all know and love. so via the use of conflict a new free country was born.

another example of conflict leading to change is the civil right movement. the conflict started when racism sprung about and light skinned people thought they were superior over the dark skinned people. this led to many outbreaks of protesting against racism and to repeal certain laws against African Americans. a prominent figure of the civil right movement was martin Luther kink jr. segregation got so bad that whites wouldn't even let blacks drink out of the same water fountain. another prominent figure was Rosa parks when she said no to the order of moving for a white. all of these events eventually led to a change in our society, That racism was outlawed and all people were equals. so the civil rights movement was a prime example of conflict leading to change.

in conclusion conflict can very much lead to change throughout reality and stories. the example of the american revolution via conflict with Britain caused the USA to be born. also, conflict can lead to change via himself was when Gary saw that animals could act intelligently and that if a dog could act that way then a wolf could, a deer could, and any other animal could. that was the day he stopped trapping. also, when he injured himself somehow his dogs knew to go back and get him and care for him. another prime example was when segregation was rampant and blacks were treated like dirt. the civil rights movement protested this via conflict albeit mostly peaceful, change happened in our society by racism being outlawed and humanity was finally treated as equals.

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