Sociology In Mulan

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Sociology in Mulan Mulan tells that the story of brave Mulan. Mulan did not want her elderly father to fight in the war, so she disguised as a man and joined in her father 's army. Finally, Mulan defeated the Huns and Shan Yu (leader of the Huns) with her partners in barracks. This Disney film portrays the conflict perspective, feminism, and symbolic interaction perspective. The conflict theory is the perspective that opposition and conflict define a given society and are necessary for social evolution. It emphasizes conflict in the social life and uses it to explain social change. Conflict is inevitable, so different groups which have competitive relation will have conflicts. There are many conflicts in the movie Mulan. For example, the Huns…show more content…
The symbolic interactionism is a theory concerned with the ability of humans to see themselves through the eyes of others and to enact social roles based on others’ expectations. In the film, Mulan’s abilities as a woman were not be accepted and recognized before she joined the army. For example, at that time, she was defined as a weak woman and helpless daughter. Although she worried about her old father, no one thought that she could help her father, and no one respected her thoughts. Her label made her only needs to obey and wait the results of war. However, when she came home after the war ends, her label also changed. This is because she met other’ expectations and played men’s role successfully. She mastered more capability like fighting a battle. Her label also became a hero and her family guardian. From the beginning to the end of the film, Mulan’s identity and label changed a lot because of her changing…show more content…
Socialization is the process by which individuals internalize elements of the social structure, making those elements part of their own personality. In the first half of the movie, we can find a lot of socialization 's phenomena. Before Mulan met matchmaker, she needed to have a bath and wear beautiful dresses. She also needed to dress up for the meeting. Her behavior and appearance is a manifestation of the gender socialization. Moreover, the film also appears three children. Two boys played with the toy sword. It reflects their future roles are the macho soldiers. Their behavior reflects their future ideal of defending the homeland. Compare with boys, the Girl played with dolls. It means that in her future her task is to run the family. Children 's behavior reflects the social expectations for their gender. In this movie, Mulan disguised as a man to go to war. Her behavior tells people, even if their biological sex cannot change, each person has the right to freely choose their own social gender

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