Conflict Resolution Techniques

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Most people believe that conflict is something negative. In many cases conflict can be. Whether1 a small dispute between two neighbors or a global conflict that leads to war, conflict is inevitable. Disagreement is a part of human nature. We are a society of individuals working together to achieve common goals. How we handle conflict determines whether the outcome is a negative or a positive one. If properly handled, conflict may lead to growth, maturity, and understanding of one another. If not, conflict at school could lead to broken ties, at home to hurt feelings, and in the workplace to discouragement. These negative outcomes may be avoided when conflict is handled properly. There is no single technique that works best for settling conflicts. What works in a school setting might not work at an office or at home. Regardless where or with whom the conflict is with, a person must examine themselves, his or her intentions and more importantly, core values.
Respect, integrity, commitment and individual accountability are basic core values people expect from one another. Without respect, conflict can lead to anger, hate, and maybe even violence. Respect is the most important thing that people can show towards each other. In conflict, a sign of respect can show that you are willing to work with the other person to help resolve the problem regardless of any personal differences. Integrity goes hand-in-hand with respect. An individual’s honesty is very important when negotiating with others. Earning back the trust of others may prove to be a difficult and frustrating task. Nobody wants to deal with a liar or an individual that is easily corrupted by outside influences. Commitment is the one core value that will help all parties (involved in conflict) reach a solution in a timely manner. When someone shows commitment by putting forth time and effort, that person can then be counted on to reach goals set by themselves or others. Being responsible for your actions is arguably the most difficult core value to maintain. Admitting mistakes and willing to take responsibility is something a great deal of people have trouble with. People fear the consequences that go along with making mistakes. In most cases, the consequences for lying (or not saying anything) about personal mistakes are far worse than admitting to them when they happen. The...

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...ies believe that time is money so be precise and specific when explaining your thoughts or ideas. Do not interrupt, regardless of rank or position within the workplace. Assumption leads to miss-communication, make sure all the facts and need-to-know information is shared. Most importantly, everyone in a working environment should be prepared to sacrifice for the good of the company. A successful working environment that constantly changes. Sometimes change might favor some more than others. When resolved properly and professionally, conflict can be a positive occurrence keeping any company moving forward.
Any type of conflict can have a positive outcome when the proper techniques are used. Once the situation, environment and circumstances are taken into account, the proper technique used should help lead anybody towards a proper conflict resolution. Technique, used in conjunction with core values will make solving conflict that much easier and more rapidly. While most people believe that conflict is something negative, conflict does not always have to be.
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