How Does Attitude Is Beneficial For Success? Essay

How Does Attitude Is Beneficial For Success? Essay

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A can do attitude is obviously beneficial for success in life. The famous quote by Henry Ford that says, "Whether you think you can or can 't, you 're right," applies here. If you have a can do attitude, then you are going to do things that increase your success rate, such as take massive action and keep going despite setbacks. If you have a cannot do attitude, then you are going to do things that sabotage your success rate, such as give up or procrastinate.

Having a can do attitude can help you have success in every area of life, including mending a broken heart. Some people believe that they will never get over the hurt and hold on to that hurt for months, years, or even their entire life! They let it affect their quality of life as well as their future relationships in a big way. They cannot go on the way they were before, and so their life takes a turn for the worse. If you want to avoid that, then a can do attitude is your answer. It will help you mend a broken heart quicker and more thoroughly. Following are 10 ways that it will help do that.

1. Doing Is Important After Your Heart Is Broken

What separates the dreamers from the doers? A can do attitude! The dreamers get started on their path to recovery, but they question themselves so much that they eventually revert back to their old feelings. The doers get started on their recovery and keep going despite the discomfort that comes their way, such as running into the person who broke their heart or finding out that person has gotten into another relationship.

You have to get busy after a breakup, so you don 't get stuck dreaming about the past, the loss, and what could have been. If you get stuck in that realm, you will beat yourself up and relive the broken heart ov...

... middle of paper ...

...ue in taking care of themselves and doing things that are ethical and not life threatening. They are too busy moving forward to stop their life in its tracks and engage in the self-destructive behavior that can lead them down a very dangerous path.

10. You Will Stay Off Facebook

When you have a can do attitude, you have an attitude to take action and get results. This means you don 't have time to dwell on Facebook, a place where the broken hearted get attacked over and over again with pictures and updates of their ex and how happy they are. It 's hard to recover when you are constantly focused on what they are doing without you and how great their life seems to be.

In fact, someone who has a can do attitude might see the value in getting rid of Facebook altogether after a breakup. It will help them focus on themselves and what really matters - their happiness.

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