The Importance Of Attitudes, Behavior, And Persuasion

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According to Webster dictionary, learning is an activity or a process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, and being taught. As humans, we crave to learn about how we came about, our surrounding, and the role we play in our surroundings. To gain such knowledge, it is important to work on specific leaning goals that is tailored toward the person. In my case, the goal was having a better understanding about social factors and social circumstances. In order for one to have an improved viewpoint about social interaction and social situation, it is necessary to know about social issues. I find it not only important but crucial to be well equipped about social situations to interact with others. My learning goal, as a future physician,…show more content…
While reading the chapter about Attitudes, Behavior, and Persuasion, I have learned how attitude and trustworthiness affect communication and interaction with other people. The article I read about persuasion, talked about how important group membership creates effective communication as they showed in-group members are twice likely to be compliant than out-groups member (Terry & Hogg, 2000). Reading such findings, I know that I have to be trustworthy to my future patient while practicing…show more content…
Although most of the things I learned matched my life experience, the most significant one is explained in the Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination chapter of our textbook. The chapter talks about how prejudice will change faster if confronted by people who see it occurring (Schmitz 2012). In my own experience, when I moved to the U.S from Ethiopia in 2011, I was treated unfairly in most places simply because of my background. Instead of confronting the people who showed me such treatment, I kept ignoring the fact that I was discriminated against. However, as I start learning about injustice and discrimination, I started challenging and calling-out any biased treatment toward me or any other person. The result was very outstanding. Not only did I successful stopped peopled from committing immoral acts but I was also able to learn why they engage in such actions. Matching what I learned with my experience has helped me to gain a better understanding about the material I learn and helped me to apply it in my day-to-day

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