How Customization And Service Quality Essay

How Customization And Service Quality Essay

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Customization and service quality are both important aspects for any successful restaurant. These components have many different qualities that can ultimately be very beneficial for businesses or quite the contrary. By executing these qualities in a particular restaurant setting it is likely that the given company will prosper. For my application paper I will focus in on how customization and service quality can be improved specifically at Charley G’s Restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Charley G’s Restaurant takes pride in having exceptional service. The staff is very accommodating to customers and do they do their best to provide phenomenal service. The restaurant is equipped with Point of Sales system which helps waiters quickly and efficiently send orders out to the kitchen which is very beneficial when it comes down to customizing particular orders. In fact, both the line cook and the saucier chef for the restaurant were both definitely in favor of using the technology. Jordan Causey, a line cook for Charley G’s, commented “You can type in specifically what each customer wants. It speeds up the ordering process tremendously because the orders are immediately sent to our kitchen staff”. Because the kitchen gets the orders in so quickly, it accelerates the entire cooking and service process immensely.
Although we have come to the conclusion that the POS system is definitely an advantage to Charley G’s, it also has one downfall, personal errors inputting orders. Jessie Rider, the saucier chef for Charley G’s, stated “The POS system is very useful, but if a server keys something in wrong, it is significant that they let us know what’s going on that way we can fix it for the customer. Communication is a necessity in the resta...

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...uld provide customers the opportunity to view their total simultaneously after eating. It would also give them the option to quickly slide their card to execute payment and tip out their waiter in a timely manner. The receipt is thereafter sent to the customer’s designated email account. Additionally, the waiter would no longer have to go to the back of the house to scan cards and print receipts, which in turn would allow them to better attend to their other tables.
The customization and service quality at Charley G’s Restaurant can be improved primarily through using additional outside technologies along with better training mechanisms, consistency measures, and incentive programs. By applying these attributes of customization and service quality to Charley G’s overall restaurant model it is likely they will boost their sales and continue to thrive in the future.

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