Coco Cubano Restaurant

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The establishment of a restaurant is something which must be thought out in detail over a course of time and be planned with utmost care in regards to every aspect of it. The hospitality industry is ever expanding and is one of the most dynamic industries with new trends coming up regularly. A restaurant thus, must be planned in a way that it can keep up with these changes and reinvent itself in order to attract and retain customers over a period of time. A few of the most important aspects that come into consideration while planning a restaurant are the name, logo and location. However, the most important area to be considered is the concept, which is one of the defining factors, further branching out to various other criteria’s that are necessary …show more content…

Restaurant names can also be based on history, geographic location, ethnicity or even the style of cooking. For example, Coco Cubano restaurant specialises in Cuban Food. A name can be defined as the emulation of the restaurant concept and provides an image or identity for the restaurant that the customer first encounters. If the customer is attracted to the name, that is the first point of contact for them, thus it is important to pick a name that is easy to pronounce, spell and has an attractive font. Picking a right name may mean the creation of a brand and can further be used to create a logo, menu and uniforms for the …show more content…

Presence of appropriate equipment, grease traps and other utilities must be considered. (Simon, 2006). A restaurant owner should also worry about space for the customers and the area is easily accessible to them. Other relevant factors are foot traffic, accessibility, parking facilities, zoning etc. The location may also determine type of décor, number of covers the restaurant permits and even type of appliances required. Some may argue that the concept is the most important decision making criteria, however location is on par with it. A restaurant owner may have a good concept but does not have a physical location to bring his concept into being. On the other hand, if a restaurateur has a good location but isn’t sure about what kind of restaurant he should open, without the market research and a concept for his menu or type of establishment, he will not be able to plan a successful

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