How Attitudes Can Bring People Together? Attitudes, And Then Our Attitude Make Us?

How Attitudes Can Bring People Together? Attitudes, And Then Our Attitude Make Us?

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Attitude is everything. Without attitude, it would not define who we are. It is important to see how attitudes can bring people together or how attitudes can also separate people. I thought the author came up with a great explanation of attitude and how there are losers and winners. Losers, of course, will be pessimistic about every situation while winners, will optimist about every situation. The author gave a great analysis of many scenarios and situations. I actually never thought of attitudes beginning as a harmless thought. When I think of attitude, I see it, as a very negative connotation because people are often stating, “Do not give me any attitude.”
I loved the author stated, “First we make out attitudes, and then our attitude make us”. Many people handle situations in sorts of ways, and often times attitudes come out in these situations. I believe attitudes vary person to person because not every attitude is the same. Again, there are all different types of attitudes but yet very similar. The author points out that there are different attitudes, but between myself and somone else there is little difference, however, the difference is how we respond. Again, attitude is everything and it can either create or destroy someone s life because people portray others differently. Attitude can play a huge role in personal life, but also play a huge role in someone’s career.
Careers define who we are. A career is chosen when someone finds his or her passion for something. Without passion, people would have not gone into a career, and probably would have stayed a job level instead of a career level.

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Motivation is truly an inner drive. I believe motivation can come from within, but I also believe can influence...

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...thing that people, especially those with power, label as and thereby create”. Majority of the things we know are socially constructed. For example, race, gender, sexuality etc. We all know that all of these can be intertwined so it is important to have an intersectional view on different subjects. If we were to follow the rules of society, there would be no change. As humans, we have the ability to be able to use our knowledge, which makes us as powerful as anyone else. Overall, I really do believe that social science has many different purposes and it can pertain to anybody. On a daily basis, humans are affected by everything. What we do in life really has a purpose. Although there a people that do not stand up, there are others that stand up for them because as we all know, the world is not perfect. Oppression is amongst all people, and perspectives are different.

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