Youth Positive Attitude Essay

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Teaching the American Youth Positive Attitude. Attitude can alter reality. The diversity of culture and norms of the American society, has affected the attitude of the American youth. Therefore, it is important to learn, teach and display positive values and good morals in society. We have the necessary resources at our disposal that can gear and guide our youth to have a strong sense of self. Some of these resources include groups that are agents of socialization such as; first, the family/home. Second, school/education, and third, community and community agencies. I will later elaborate further on these agents and their contribution to the socialization and education of the American youth.

However, before
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Such agencies included government and governmental agencies like the police and their policies toward youth. The government has regulated and imposed policies which hinder parents to properly discipline their child’s anti-social behavior. For example, The American Humane Association, has a policy, opposes the use of physical discipline on children at home, school, and in the community. The American Humane Association belief that corporal punishment does not necessarily reduce anti-social behavior in children. They established this claim from a 1997 study done by (Straus, Sugarm, and Giles, 1997). Nevertheless, according to an article published by (Cline, V, 1975) tittle, “How the Mass-Media effects our values and behavior” the Mass-Media plays a major role in negatively impacting our young people’s values and behavior in society. Media such as the television, with their unethical commercials and violent movies, along with the nation cinemas, has created a culture and legacy of violence low moral behavior in our youths and society at…show more content…
These youths are taught in school to be positive in their endeavors. Furthermore, they are being taught an education, which will further train and equip them for society. These youths will impact their world-our world, in a positive way. Consequently, if we fail as parents to teach our children good values and attitude, our children will leave home with no help. This will increase the possibility of them failing in school. Our school must also succeed in educating our students with the values of life. Failure to do so will further erode their confidence and attract a poor sense of self and with a negative perspective on life. Therefore, it is of vital importance to learn, teach and display an optimistic attitude. The youths will then develop a strong and positive sense of self. They will in turn contribute to the stability of society and create a more tolerable culture and environment to live
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