Homosexuality Is A Sin And The Act Of Homosexuality Essay

Homosexuality Is A Sin And The Act Of Homosexuality Essay

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When it comes to the topic of homosexuality in religions, it is a very touchy subject and stirs up a lot of debate. Especially when it comes to the oldest religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. In Islam in particular, we are taught from the Quran and Sunnah that homosexuality is a sin and the act of homosexuality is punished. There is certain ayat and hadith that explain whether it is haram or not to be gay or lesbian. Many scholars over the years have studied to seek the truth about such topics within the Quran and Hadith.
Acts of homosexuality in the Arab world is till this day illegal. In some countries such as Saudi Arab, Yemen, and Iran if you openly say you are with the same sex it could result in the death penalty. Unlike in the western society where people have fought and waited for the right to have the freedom to married who they love. Even with the majority of the world allowing same sex couples to get married in 2015, it is a topic that most Muslims would rather not to discus.
The Quran has many ayat that talk about homosexuality. They are described as the people of Lut. A brief background of the people of lut, is that they were before the time of prophet Mohammad (pbuh). They were around the time of the Prophet Lut, and they were called Qawm Lut. When the prophet Lot wanted to tell people about the belief of one god, the men around that used to sleep with other men and neglect their wives. The prophet warned them about their actions and that it is an act of sin. When Allah (swt) told prophet lut to warn the people they didn’t listen and then Allah (swt) told prophet Lut to take the believers and walk away from the town that they were in. Allah (swt) commanded Gabriel the angel to spread his wings and dest...

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...homosexuality. Another analysis is that not only does Islam see homosexuality as a sin. Christian and Jews view homosexuality as a sin as well.
My response towards the topic of homosexuality is that I know it’s a sin but choice to respect people’s decision to live their lives as they please. I was taught not to judge people and that Allah (swt) will be the ultimate judge. Everyone should feel free and comfortable to express their sexuality and religious beliefs, and mutually respect each others way of life. Also the fact that I believe that on judgment day everyone will be responsible for their own sins. Meaning that not even your mother or father should be response for your actions on that day. I don’t understand why people force their views or opinions onto others in such a mean way. At the end of the day if you are happy with your life then you should be content.

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