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“For the Bible Tells Me So,” is a documentary about religion and homosexuality. Primarily, the film depicts the struggles of several individuals as they realize they are gay, and how this affects their relationship with faith and family. The film illustrates how devastating the suffering some gays face and the struggles some Christian families encounter when a family member is gay. It is heartbreaking to watch moments of hate-mongering and discrimination against homosexuals, especially when done by family members or in the name of one’s religion. Many people proclaim, particularly Christian fundamentalist, that homosexuality is sinful because it says so in the Bible. However, many people admit that they have never read the entire bible, and can’t accurately cite where it says this. They simply repeat the message(s) from pastors, parents, etc., rather than careful study and research. One of the movie’s most quotable moment, “There’s nothing wrong with a fifth-grade understanding of God – as long as you’re in the fifth grade.” The first story centers on Gene Robinson, now the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, and the son of a loving, church-going couple from Kentucky. Next, we meet the Poteats, a Baptist family from North Carolina with a gay son and daughter. Then there are the Reitans, from Minnesota, whose son Jake comes from a long line of Lutheran pastors. When Jake came out of the closet, some of the locals threw a brick through their windshield and wrote “fag” in chalk outside the house. The mother’s description of immediately scrubbing the profanity off the driveway was very poignant. Perhaps the most heartbreaking story was that of Mary Lou Wallner, a Christian fundamentalist who rejected her lesbian daughter, which ... ... middle of paper ... understand history, doctrines, and origins. Religion and homosexuality need not be mutually exclusive: you can be a good Christians and still love and accept LGBT people. I strongly believe that through Jesus, God wanted us to learn to love one another, and to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Using the Bible to justify persecution of anyone is despicable. Unfortunately, the Bible has been used to endorse racism, slavery, subjugation of women, and persecution of the Jews. Overall, the film effectively depicts individual stories of homosexuals and their families’ struggles that are both inspiring and a warning. If we are to ask, “What would Jesus do”, I think the Bible demonstrates over and over that we are to love, not hate or condemn. I thinks it’s time society wake-up and search for spiritual truth and let go of old stereotypes and embrace humanity.
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