We Must Teach the Homosexual About Christ

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We Must Teach the Homosexual About Christ All sins are forgivable and we are all sinners, but sin has to be recognized for what it is if divine mercy is to be had. So much of the talk about homosexuality is an understandable human effort to change the subject. Any reference to the wrongness of homosexuality is likely to invite the charge of homophobia, turning the accusation on the supposed accuser. But of course the moral law is not the property of anyone, and invoking it need not be an accusation. The problem is not how others react to homosexuality but the plight of the homosexual. And reaching out to the homosexual in his plight is the subject of this paper. No doubt deviant sex is almost as old as the race. There are few innovations in moral weakness. What is new is the homosexual ideology which has made devastating inroads into the Church from the ambient culture. One is made to believe that recalling the Church's teaching is an uncharitable act and that the Christian thing to do is to act as if sodomy were as normal as marital sex. Of course it is scarcely a defense of homosexuality to point out that many people commit sexual sins. The tu quoque here is singularly inappropriate. We began with the observation that we are all sinners. The question is, what next? We sinners are prone to exculpate ourselves and remove the onus of responsibility and guilt. The adulterer is inclined to think that, however much adultery is generally wrong, in this case there are factors which justify it, perhaps even make it a meritorious act. It is this all too common tendency that has elevated homosexuality into an ideology and turned it into a political issue. There are no "communities" of adulterers dedicated to changing the public perception of what they do. Bank robbers have not banded together to abolish the laws against after hour withdrawals. Fornicators' rights have not become a political cause. Only homosexuals demand that society rescind the age old recognition that sexual license, be it adultery or sodomy, is not only injurious to the participants but an assault on the common good. This is self-deception turned into a group effort. Individual acts of unnatural sex are one thing, and bad enough, but the homosexual ideology threatens the very basis of human society.

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