Homework Was A Waste Of Time? How About Now As Adults With Your Own Children?

Homework Was A Waste Of Time? How About Now As Adults With Your Own Children?

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How many of you as children thought homework was a waste of time? How about now as adults with your own children?
I remember being a kid and wanting to get off school go home and relax, only to find out at the end of the day that my teacher was assigning two hours’ worth of homework after being in school for eight! First of all I felt completely devastated, second I felt very upset. I always thought it was completely unfair to have homework, I mean when will you get to be a kid right? Now as a parent I absolutely despise it when my daughter comes home with homework from school. Sometimes I will have made plans to go and have some mother daughter bonding time only to have my child come home with a packet due the next day. Bedtime in my household is 8:30pm, school lets out at around 3:30 pm, one hour of driving in traffic to get home, homework takes around 2hours to finish, so that puts us at 6:30pm for dinner time which usually takes another hour and a half leaving 30 min for showers before bed. No time for being a kid! That is what over 1.2 billion students experience at least once a week.
I am going to tell you why most people think that the more homework we have, the better, and the ultimate, most important reasons we shouldn 't have any unnecessary homework. According to a Helium Network writer, Annie M. Manzi, "Children need to play and relax to refresh their minds and bodies. The pressure of having to complete their homework every night is daunting to most children." I agree, and I think you would definitely agree as well, that a child needs time to enjoy being a child, especially after being in school for eight hours a day 5 days a week! Excessive homework creates more than just stress among children and teenagers. It rui...

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...while, in the United States, stressed out students are overwhelmed with the amounts of exams and standardized tests they are forced to take and are falling behind with the amounts of homework assigned, which in many cases has no real value.
I mean really think about it, does the assignment of 50+ math problems (all of the same nature) really help our children or does it just give them an unnecessary amount of stress. Imagine only one child having that amount of homework and he/she listening to their siblings enjoying their time off; that child will want to either finish superfast without checking answers or not finish at all! Now the quality of their work will decline, perhaps drastically. Is homework really worth it? Having this information now do you think homework is something that should be giving to students after being in school for more than 7hours a day?

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