The Holistic Nursing Approach Is Treating A Patient Through A Person Centered Care Approach

The Holistic Nursing Approach Is Treating A Patient Through A Person Centered Care Approach

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Lee said that he doesn’t like to eat alone but he has his best friend that he lives with in his shared housing. If Sam said no he would still be able to eat, it wouldn’t be as if he had no one to eat with and therefore would skip the meal due to that he hates eating alone. The holistic nursing approach is treating a patient through a person centred care approach which thinks about the nursing care as a whole not just one part of the body but social, physical, spiritual and psychological (The American Holistic Nurses Association 2016). With Sam basing the care on a holistic care approach she could say yes to dinner so that she is making sure that Lee is having the right nutrition and that he has someone to talk to as his friend may not always be at the shared accommodation.
As Lee has a disability if Sam rejects the offer for him to come to share a table at vinny’s he may think that it is because of the condition that he has and then become isolated due to this reason. Cerebral palsy is a condition which is characterised by a deficit that as a result the body has a muscular impairment to the motor movement due to the developmental disorder which can occur anytime throughout a person’s life (Miller 2005, p. 27). Based on the fact that Lee has a disability, if Sam declined the offer he may take it the wrong way and assume that it is based on discrimination and due to them living next door to each other Lee may become isolated and not return to the GP clinic for further treatment.

If Sam and Lee were to share a table and have dinner there would be assumptions made by the general public and rumours can be made and may have a negative reaction to the GP clinic. A perception is an idea of what a person believes when they have experienc...

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...ry town or in the city, as both of these surroundings are different, in a country town everyone is close and this dilemma could just be that they are friends and would like to have tea together but in the city the assumption is that two men are having dinner at the same table that there must be something else going on. It is a hard question to answer, on one side they would be friends and on the other side there are guidelines and codes of conduct which are in place for this exact situation. As a solution I believe that Sam should decline the offer as she has ethical and legal obligations and needs to abide by them to maintain the therapeutic relationship with Lee as her patient. Sam needs to learn that he needs to separate the personal and professional boundaries and as the offer was made at the GP clinic I believe that to be placed in the professional boundaries.

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