The Importance Of Nursing Philosophy

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It is important to explore one’s personal values and principles that will guide your nursing practice. Philosophical and theoretical outlooks provide the foundation for all nursing actions including practice and research. A nursing philosophy not only guides one practice but also facilitates knowledge, and the development of knowledge to further advance nursing theory into practice. According to Alpers and Wotring (2013), nursing philosophy helps explore one values, develop imagination, increase understanding and build knowledge with the application of critical thinking into practice. Working in Oncology has helped me achieve and uphold the highest standard of quality care to all patients, whether it is end of life care or new diagnoses…show more content…
I always treat each person as a unique individual with unique life experiences. I treat my patients with respect and address their cultural beliefs and values. I pride myself with having a caring attitude and want to help and heal people from their illness physically and psychologically. I think nursing can be both science and art. I think to be a successful nurse; the nurse needs to master the art of caring and continually learn and apply knowledge of nursing science throughout their career. Without caring or nurturing the nurse cannot connect with the patient and trust will not develop, without a trusting relationship, therapeutic nursing will not be able to occur. Therefore, I feel caring is at the forefront of all successful nursing interactions. This is not to negate the value that science brings to nursing. A competent nurse must be able to have a variety of knowledge and skill. The next part of the paper will discuss the metaparadigm of…show more content…
A state of being and becoming an integrated whole that supports the person and environment reciprocally (Roy, 2009; Parse, 1987). As previously mentioned I look at the person as a whole and not only what the patient was admitted for but how their cancer diagnosis affects their life and the impact it has on their family. Social justice addresses human rights, equity and allocating fair distribution of resources and responsibilities (CNA, 2009). This is also important in my nursing practice in ensuring all patients receive the best possible care equally and to eliminate biases. The concept of nursing as a discipline develops and enhance knowledge about human experiences through research and theories, which is the “scientific guide to living the art of nursing” (Parse, 1999, p.275). Nursing is viewed as a science and art, a profession and discipline (Selanders & Crane, 2012). Nursing as a profession has a social obligation to treat and provide healthcare to the public at times of health or illness and with modifications in diverse practice settings, “through living the art of science” (Parse, 1999, p.275; Hinshaw, 1989). According to Pearson (2013) nursing science provides scientifically proven knowledge that results in theories that is measured, this helps in the comprehension of person’s condition and targets nursing care delivery. The art of nursing
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