Social Media And Stereotyping In The Media

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Stereotyping in the media Many turn to social or media throughout their day to gain insight on activities and event that is going on in the world. The media does not have to report the truth so individuals may gain untruthful information and a cloudy perception. Individuals tend to turn to the media to gain an opinion about someone or something. Problem Statement On September 11, 2011 people all over the world were able to witness one of the greatest tragedies in American history, but this time by way of live news coverage streaming on the television. Media for decades now has served, in various forms, as a way for people to stay connected to things that our happening locally and nationally in the world. Throughout the day many Americans turn to one or more different forms of media, whether it may be on television or on an electronic device to indulge in the daily news, either locally or nationally. According to PawResearch Center (2010), Americans are spending more time with the news than over much of the past decade due to the advancement of technology. The news serves as the source of information and from …show more content…

Many of our youth turn to social media to vent about any and every issue that is going on and it is not always positive. Dr. Nakagawa described in her article “The Use of Social Media in Teaching Race” how social media might open people to detest discourse or perspectives of White matchless quality. Numerous individuals fail to be racially educated meaning that they lack having the education and knowledge to talk about race, deconstruct and challenge occurrences of bigotry, and interface and work with others to deliver disparities in connection to race. The internet gives numerous chances to utilizing social/new media to produce content and points of view that are generally lost from more extensive societal exchanges about

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