Hiv And Its Effects On Society Essay

Hiv And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Around our community, society and culture we all have illnesses within a few feet or inches between us. Individuals have some kind of discrimination toward those particular people, especially in the medical field. One of the most proper or deadly diseases in our world is called Human Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as HIV. According to an online dictionary called Merriam-Webster, HIV “…infects and destroys helper T cells of the immune system, causing the marked reduction in their numbers that is diagnostic of AIDS” (Merriam-Webster , n.d.). Throughout this essay, you’ll learn the proper information about the history, causes, symptoms and most importantly the treatments of HIV.
In the United States, the first known case of HIV was discovered in 1981; which grew into a proper disease decades later. Homosexual males received HIV symptoms first. However, at the time it was pneumonia-like infection symptoms; which doctors or physicians couldn’t understand why this was happening. The United States Centers for Disease Control came out on September 1982 to give the word called AIDS; which stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. In that same year, the Centers for Disease Control opened up the first AIDS clinic in San Francisco, California. People with symptoms began to start going to the clinic to get a diagnoses of AIDS. After this, people begin to understand how getting this virus and using equipment and precautions during sexual contact with partners.
After researching on the internet and conducting my own research, I’ve learned that individuals want to learn more about the causes of HIV. First of all, HIV can be caused by having sexual intercourse with your partner or partners. For example, having sexual intercourse thr...

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... have side effects and others may not at the same kind of diagnoses; every human body is completely different from others. After reading this paragraph, I hope you get the basics down on a great time to start treatment and side effects that will occur during taking prescription drugs obtained by your physician.
In conclusion, Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a deadly disease that attacks your immune system; which leads to an abnormal immune system. Without a proper immune system, humans can’t function properly because of bacteria, infections and fungus within our environment. Having HIV or any deadly disease will not only attack the person being diagnosed, but the close individuals in that person’s life. Throughout this essay, I’ve discussed the causes, symptoms and treatments that go along with HIV and hoped you learned something interesting about my essay!

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