Hitler and his Nazi Party Propaganda Essay

Hitler and his Nazi Party Propaganda Essay

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Adolf Hitler was responsible for one of the biggest atrocities in human history; this widespread death and violence would not have been possible without his talent for spreading propaganda and earning the trust of the German people. Germany had failed in World War I and the upstart Nazi party blamed their defeat on the Jews, in which they falsely viewed them as power-hungry and destructive. Adolph Hitler, dominant leader of the Nazis, utilized propaganda, such as speeches, newspapers, radios, posters, and the cinema, in order to gain support for the extermination of the Jewish community in Germany. Hitler gained support for Jewish expulsion through propaganda that promoted himself to the public, as he vilified non-Aryans, spread deceptive lies in the mass-media, and linked hatred of Jews to German patriotism.
Hitler often created a vilified image of the non-Aryan race by blaming them for Germany’s struggles and insisting on their inferior presence. Propaganda was developed for multiple purposes, such as creating a rise of support for Hitler, and “to dehumanize the Jews by naming them “the inferior race” to create widespread anti – Semitism and lay groundwork for the elimination of rights and the elimination of the rights and freedoms of the Jews” (Dehumanization of the Jews). Propaganda was constructed to deceive the public and falsely scapegoat the Jewish community for Germany’s lack of success. The intentional acts of dehumanizing the Jews, ruined their reputations, as they were falsely accused of German’s loss in World War One. By using propaganda, Hitler was able to create a negative image of the Jewish people and led to a national hatred of the Jews. In order to convince the Germans to believe in the Nazis ideals, they u...

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...rge of media and could ban anything that went against their beliefs and that did not support them. Also, by using propaganda, they displayed the Aryan race as superior and the Jewish to be inferior. In conclusion, Hitler used many types of propaganda to gain support to exterminate the Jewish population.

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