Concentration Camps: The Killing Machine

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Over six million Jews were killed under Hitler’s power during the Holocaust. It was the end of World War 1 and Hitler’s anti-Semitism out of resentment for the Germans loss of World War 1 grew. He blamed the Jews for the problems their country was facing and wanted a way to change that.
He wanted power, and as much as he could get. Hitler’s takeover of power was about twenty years after World War 1 in 1933. He claimed the Jews were an “imperfect” race of people.
Therefore, using the power he had, he would try to accomplish creating the perfect Aryan race. How would he do that? He would do that using Concentration Camps that were brutal and incomprehensible.
Concentration Camps during the Holocaust had a huge outcome of Jews and the situations they faced because of their religion. That’s not OK.
In the late 1930’s when Concentration camps started to grow in Poland and other countries surrounding that area, they were on average killing over 1000 people each day/week. Why was killing so many innocent Jews necessary to Hitler?
Hitler had many motives to why he did so. To Hitler Jews were maggots, a virus that had to be eliminated. He saw himself as the German Messiah doing God’s work by destroying the Jew. Hitler and the Nazis considered the Jew to be like the devil, wishing to dominate the world. When Hitler saw the image of a Jew, he saw an image of Satan. It wasn’t just Jews he wanted to destroy, but he saw the Jews as the main problem, and wanted to destroy them before they infected the entire world. He made himself the supreme racist. All he could think about was murder. He wanted one perfect race of people, all under one nation, with one leader, him.
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