High Education Is Becoming More Important Than Ever As We Focus On Our Education System

High Education Is Becoming More Important Than Ever As We Focus On Our Education System

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Higher education is becoming more important than ever as we shift into what Thomas Friedman calls a flattening world. Friedman, the author of The World is Flat is obviously not speaking geographically so what does he mean by a flattening world? He is rather speaking of a new era of globalization which allows us as individuals to compete globally thanks to new technology. The author warns America, “Because it is flattening and shrinking the world, Globalization 3.0 is going to be more and more driven not only by individuals but also by a much more diverse-non-Western, nonwhite- group of individuals” (11). Basically America is now being pressured by a quiet crisis which is allowing other countries to compete a lot closer with us. Yet, if we want to stay on top Thomas proposes we focus on our education system. Jerry Rao, an accountant from Bangalore, India reassures Thomas Friedman, “But we are behind you. You are defining the future” (15). Jerry was practically saying it depends what we do next that will decide our ongoing success. The scary part about it all is that other country’s education systems seem to be catching up while America seems to be more focused on other things. Friedman simplifies it for us, “Low education means low-paying jobs, plain and simple, and this is where more and more Americans are finding themselves” (356). While places like Washington offer free educational programs like Running Start which aims to allow juniors and seniors to earn college credits while in high school, students are not taking advantage of these opportunities and therefore don’t feel prepared for higher education after they graduate. It seems that high school students graduate uncertain of where they should head next. By requiring...

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...ge dropout boom has a lot to do with high school students not equipped to move onto higher education which is dangerous in a globalized economy. Embracing our teenagers IQ while exploring their curiosity and passion will help equip these students with the right stuff for them to thrive in our economy. The slightest problem is covering the funds to pay extra college fees, books, or transportation. However, I know instead of spending on College for All which Obama has been willing to imply; we can simply cover these costs and keep the two free college years we already have. Friedman says it best, “We cannot hope to fight jobs lost to international competition without a well-trained and educated workforce” (363).The right way to go is career and technical education if we want to move towards a better economy with a highly skilled workforce in a globalized flat world.

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