Richard Vedder's Analysis Of 'College Is Still Worth It'

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To go to college or not to go? This is the question many ask themselves before making a life changing decision. Anthony P. Carnevale, in “College Is Still Worth It,” argues that people should go to college and not rely on faulty data on the worth of postsecondary education. Carnevale is a well-known authority on education and was appointed by President Clinton as Chairman of the National Commission on Employment Policy. However Richard Vedder responded to Carnevale with “For Many, College Isn’t worth it” and claims that college is worth it for some people, but it’s not suited for all. Vedder is an economist, author, columnist, and now a distinguished professor of economics emeritus at Ohio University and senior fellow at The Independent Institute. Vedder is able to convince his audience on why college is not always worth it, unlike Carnevale, who was unable to convince his audience.
Carnevales’ main point was on the flaws of the National Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS) and how it does not give full information or data. In fact, Carnevale says that “The BLS education demand numbers, ranging from designation of college and non-college to their failure to reflect rising education
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Oh wait, Vedder only agrees that it’s a good investment for some high school graduates. Vedder disagrees with carnival idea that college is everything and that everyone should go for a postsecondary education. Vedder “different strokes for different folks ’” (377). Vedder explains that people have different talents and that not everybody is fit for one thing. Vedder explain that if a person did badly in school and the possibility of graduating college is low why should they waste their time and effort. In addition that we all have different talents and with your talent you don’t need a college degree (377). Not all need a college degree unless that individual had good grades or is book smart or it seems like a good investment for

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