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  • The World Is Flat

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    ASSIGNMENT: The World Is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman Discuss the book in general and what he means by a "flat world" and what conditions make it flat. Focus on at least one specific topic such as 10 flatteners or the 7 rules for companies The book by Thomas Friedman, "The World is Flat", discusses the enormous changes regarding technology and communications which have altered the lives of people all over the globe (1). A large aspect in regards to the "flat world" is that we are competing with

  • The World Is Flat

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    is nobody to rule anymore." Rao's enthusiasm about the changing rules of international commerce and politics today -- about whether there's anything left to rule in a brave new world of globalization -- underscores the virtues and vices of Friedman's captivating and sometimes frustrating new book. The World Is Flat continues the franchise Friedman has made for himself as a great explicator of and cheerleader for globalization, building upon his 1999 The Lexus and the Olive Tree. Like its predecessor

  • World is Flat

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    After reading The World is Flat, I would have to say that I believe the world is flat as according to the author Thomas L. Friedman. Globalization has taken the world by storm and everything that we do in this world is done with technology. Ever since the world was introduced to the World Wide Web in 1993, we have spiraled in a new direction at a rapid speed, and we have yet to slow down. Technology has advanced so much that nowadays we do not need actual people to run a business and at that rate

  • The World Is Flat

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    The ice was thin, thin enough that it was cracking every few seconds under the heavy steps of some pedestrian or another. Yet somehow, someone still managed to slip and crash into him. It wasn’t much of a shock, since the offender had his eyes and face all covered by a thick black scarf. Jim had watched the fool run (read: slide) down the sidewalk like a yellow Hummer, with black boots the size of wheels, almost crashing into people. After a couple of close calls, Jim had started imagining what

  • Improving the Flat World

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    As I read The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman I come to understand America needs to compete in this flat world in order to see a change. Friedman states, that America needs to build up a strong middle class educated properly because, "There will be plenty of good jobs out there in the flat world [but] for people with the right knowledge, skills, ideas and self-motivation to seize them" (278). President Johnson goes on to say, "We have the power to shape the civilization that we want. But we need

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    the world is flat or if it is not flat, we know it is not flat, because of science. On a more metaphorical standpoint, we can think of flatness as "Does it contain depth?". In this time frame does our world still contain depth? We have the ability to travel both high and low in our world. We can travel across the earth unlimited times in one life. With globalization we have to face, does our planet have any depth in which an outsider can not reach? Thomas Friedman believe the world is 'flat '. Pankaj

  • Analysis Of The World Is Flat

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    Over time, the world has faced ever-changing government regimes, economic stabilities, and economic styles. The Cold war presented countries with a lot of changing ideologies. However, afterwards, the world was faced with the realization that, as Ian Bremmer theorizes, Communism is dead and varying forms of free markets is the new standard internationally. Thomas Friedman in his book explores the phenomenon of globalization in today’s market. These books contrast different ideas of how, worldwide

  • Applying The World Is Flat to Canada

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    Title: The World is Flat – Canada and the Flat World There are many challenges and opportunities that the Flat World has provided and allowed for in the world we live today. Canada needs to be prepared for this Flat World. The following hopefully explores just that. 1. How has/does a flat world impact world trade and Canada. The flat world, with the advent of advancements and exposure to technology, infrastructure, culture, cost, education, political change and ideology has changed both

  • Interpreting Concepts of The World Is Flat

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    The phrase: "the world is flat" can be interpreted in many ways. Basically what Friedman means by "flat" is "linked." The falling of trade and political barriers and technical advances have made it possible to do business, instantaneously with billions of other people around the world. It has allowed for parts of the world, which had previously been cut off, like China and India, to successfully compete in the world market. Thus, the playing field is being leveled, and no one nation has an advantage

  • Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat

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    World History In Thomas Friedman’s The World Is Flat he presents his idea of the globalization of the world in all areas; from economic to communication with other countries. Friedman is a journalist from the New York Times and most of his work focuses on economic and technological innovations and advancements, and furthermore how they are associated to history. The ideas he presents in this book are both plausible and convincing. The main focus is whether the world is “flat“. The answer to this