Health Education: Teenagers and Sexual Activity

Health Education: Teenagers and Sexual Activity

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If the health education system in schools thought teenagers that sexual activity in their young age is not safe then the teen pregnancy population would have decreased dramatically. Health education has not been taken seriously by teenagers that are currently attending both middle and high school. Since teenagers have not been taking the health education seriously the country has had a large increase in the percentage of teenaged pregnancy. Teenagers have been having children at a very young age. Usually between ages of thirteen and sixteen the pregnancy percentages are added up every year.
Fifty percent of pregnancies within six months of first sexual intercourse, regardless of contraceptive use, and twenty percent of pregnancies occur in the first month, close to a half million teenage girls give birth every year. (Teen 1997)

These are female teenagers that have had intercourse between the years 1991 and 2009. Only a few out of the large percentage have not been using protection during sexual intercourse. (Pazol, 2011)
The females having unprotected sex mean is 15.23. The Standard Deviation for females having unprotected sex is 1.822117. The chart shows how females have been having more unprotected sex as the years go by. This will cause the mean and standard deviation to change throughout the years.

These are male teenagers that have had intercourse between the years 1991 and 2009. Only a few out of the large percentage have not been using protection. Compared to the females, men have been using protection more than female teenagers over the years. (Pazol, 2011) The chart above shows how many male teenagers are having unprotected sex. The Mean for males having unprotected sex is 12.53.
The Standard Deviation for male teenagers that are having unprotected sex is 2.116102. The number of unprotected sex for males has been jumping between numbers. Comparing both the male and female mean, it shows that more females have unprotected sex then males between the years 1991 and 2009.
Texas Pregnancy Population has been increasing dramatically over the years. Parents have been blaming both the public education in schools and the type of students their children are hanging out with after classes are over. Parents have been worrying about their children and requesting stricter education in most cities.
Texas has witnessed a 24% overall decline in the pregnancy rate among women ages 15-19 years since 1992. By 2040, approximately 10% of the 51.7 million people expected to be living in Texas will be adolescent and young adult women.

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(Sayegh, 2010)

This boxplot states the yearly proportions of women ages 15-19 ever engaging in sex. The average amount of women at the age engaging in sex are 47.7. The women engaging in sex mean is 48.06333. The standard deviation is 2.792878.
In conclusion, health education has been a joke to many students attending middle school and high school. With stricter rules and education we would be able to see a decrease in sexual activity between young teenagers. As shown in the above charts, the percentages of teenage pregnancy and unprotected sex has increased over the past years. In both Texas and other states in the United States have been dealing with this situation for so long. Most students don’t mind and want to either have a child at a very young age.

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