Health Care Reform : The United Kingdom And Japan Essay

Health Care Reform : The United Kingdom And Japan Essay

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Health Care Reform
The health care issues of today have been the same issues of yesterday in America, but in a more complicated and obscure way. Health care coverage has faced many changes in the last century, yet it continues to be a debate in many family dinners; talk shows over the radio, television and the internet; within different types of workplaces; as well as among students in schools, colleges and universities. Many consider the new healthcare reform passed by President Obama, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010, very similar to the Universal Healthcare that many other industrialized countries have adopted like Canada, United Kingdom and Japan. Some politicians think it is an important leap towards equal access to healthcare; while some view it as an insult to the American people’s constitutional rights (Brown, 2011). Even with the implementation of this new ruling on healthcare, many are not convinced that it offers justice and comprehensive coverage to everyone, without being succumb to the socialized form of healthcare.
In this paper, five elements of the healthcare system will be considered for possible reform in the future as it relates to the current condition based on this author’s opinions.
Data Collection for Research
Now that the bulk of the massive work has taken place during the implementation of the Meaningful Use Stages, health information technology has to continue developing the data collection and preservation efforts. First, the non-standardized collection methods affect how data problems lead to clinical research with limited value. “Basic life science research holds the promise of personalizing medical care... Results from clinical research are difficult to replicate i...

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... this population, a comprehensive screening and treatment program for women of child-bearing age with risk factors and history of drug, alcohol and other substance abuse must be mandated with rigid follow through.
Promotion of Health Incentives
Many individual tax payers may be more motivated to stay healthy if incentives are available at the end of the year during tax filing season. The federal government can create different programs that rewards the health promotion efforts of each individual who keep track of their health by showing up at their annual medical examination, maintain and update their electronic health record and other opportunities of engagement. This will force everyone to be engaged with their assigned managed care organizations, thus prevent any untoward health problem if identified early or assist in finding treatment the sooner the better.

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