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Obamacare: the Temporary Solution to an Evolving Issue
The need for universal health care within the United States has been evident, and needed to be addressed. The old healthcare system was plagued with issues, including expensive premiums that were on the rise, along with an inflated average infant mortality rate and limited average life expectancy, which ultimately led to many people being left uninsured (“Affordable” 2). In the 2012 presidential election, one key issue was how to reform America’s broken health care system, and to instate a successful universal healthcare system that has resolved the previous issues. Being one of the last influential and competitive countries in the world without universal healthcare, the pressure was on for the United States to develop their own system. Since Barack Obama became president, Obamacare, instead of the proposed Romneycare, was born.
The major goal and crowning achievement of Obamacare was the ability to provide healthcare to those who would not be insured otherwise. “Supporters of the PPACA [Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act] argue that the law is good policy that will finally make healthcare affordable and accessible [to] ordinary Americans” (“Affordable” 8). In order to make widespread health coverage become a reality, a large enrollment with various signers to Obamacare would be essential. The main targets were young people, so that Obamacare would carry on with the newer generations, and people who were in need of the health care, but did not have access to it. However, after the first five months, the results had not been promising: “just 25% of enrollees were between the ages 18 and 34 -- well below the 33% to 40% most experts believe is needed to create a balanced...

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...ger strain on other sectors of individual states’ budgets.
V. Having businesses with over fifty employees provide healthcare benefits is hindering more than helping the employees.
A. Small businesses fire or reduce employees to part-time jobs to avoid the mandate of healthcare for businesses over fifty employees.
B. Providing healthcare through a business can change a family doctor, which many Americans value with the current system of healthcare.
VI. Obamacare hurts more average Americans than it even aims to benefit.
A. Funding from the health sector that now goes to Obamacare cuts back America’s competitive edge on medical research due to the redistribution of funds.
B. The wealthy Americans or Americans who already had healthcare now can lose their family doctors, must pay additional taxes, and must obey the act or be fined.
VII. Conclusion

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