Essay about The Government and Alternative Energy

Essay about The Government and Alternative Energy

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With every passing day our planet is slowly becoming contaminated by the fuels we use and the green house gases they emit. This damage can never be reversed and will continue to harm our planet; however there are many systems of alternative energy that could be implemented in order to reduce this damage. This is why I believe that our government should endorse alternative energy and set regulations in order to promote the use of alternative energy.
Wind energy is a current source for alternative energy. Current applications of wind energy are giant wind turbines that are placed in the country on wide open farm lands. Also Great Britain and Denmark have had off shore wind turbines since the nineteen nineties (Galbrith), this shows that wind energy not only has potential but is already proving successful. However wind energy has a long way to go before we can expect to power our world off of it. Research is being conducted to trim the costs of wind power and quadruple the amount of energy output. According to Mr. Fredette of American Superconductor, turbines are going to double in size to six megawatts (Galbrith). Which means that one turbine will soon be able to do as much work as two accomplish today. A company in Virginia conducted a study on wind power and found that if they got started on a project to make two hundred tall wind turbines that in two years they could be making twenty percent of the state’s electricity (Walker). This study shows that a significant amount of electricity could be produced from wind turbines, which in turn could go along way towards saving our planet and lowering green house gas emissions. Another positive point about wind energy is the abundance of jobs that are brought up with it. Research in Kan...

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...y things that harm our planet every day, however the pollution from green house gasses that our atmosphere endures on a daily bases is by far the worst and will be the end of us if we don’t stop burning these fuels and reverse the effects immediately. With the use of many different alternative energy forms, we could most definitely achieve this. Through the use of wind turbines, water turbines and e85 to replace gasoline, we can take a huge step to saving our planet. This is why the government should endorse alternative energy and set regulations in order to promote the use of alternative energy.

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