Global Warming Argumentative Essay

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Easton Powers Professor Orr English 102 3/27/2014 A big misconception by people today about global warming is that they think it is caused by the sun; however it is mainly caused by people and technology (Lockwood). Our advances in technology have helped us develop in many areas, but there have been consequences to these advances. Elizabeth Kolbert is an accomplished writer and scientist on the topic of global warming and most known for her book, Field Notes from a Catastrophe, a book filled with exceptional detail on the dangers of global warming. Lead into quotes “For all the advantages we have gained from our new technologies, we have also witnessed many unanticipated side effects” (Kolbert 232). With so many having to use this technology, such as oil, gasoline, coal, whether to power a vehicle, machine, or some other type of object that uses these harmful fuels, it has taken a toll on our planet. People on this planet need to realize the dangers global warming has on the world including the melting of glaciers and the changes in climate, all from harmful emissions given off by humans and their advances in technology.Global warming is the result of human activity, and action must be taken in order to prevent a series of catastrophic events that would forever change life as we know it. The usage of these fuels from technology omits harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, along with others. These gases stay in our atmosphere, trapped by the ozone layer and speed up the process of global warming. Many of these toxic gases come from corporations around the world that own industries and factories that pollute our air. These companies should be looking out for the earth’s wellbeing and be forced by g... ... middle of paper ... ...may become unstoppable. Global warming will forever be a problem until humans decide to take responsibility for their actions. Clemmitt, Marcia. "Is Tougher Action Needed to Slow Rising Temperatures?" CQResearcher 16.4 ( 27 January 2006 ): 1-35. Academic Search Premier, CQPress. Web. 20 April 2010. Bushnell, Dennis M. "Conquering Climate Change." The Futurist. 14.3: 1A. The Futurist, EBSCOhost. Web. 20 April 2010. Kolbert, Elizabeth. Field Notes from a Catastrophe: A Frontline Report on Climate Change. London: Bloomsbury, 2007. Print. Gore, Albert. An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming. New York: Viking, 2007. Print. Macintyre, Steve. "Climate Audit." Climate Audit. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Mar. 2014. Arndt, D.S., M.O. Baringer, and M.R. Johnson, eds. 2010: State of the climate in 2009. Bulletin of the American Meteorology Society 91(6):S1-S224.
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