Essay on Good Versus Bad Jobs And Mass Education

Essay on Good Versus Bad Jobs And Mass Education

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This essay is about “GOOD” versus “BAD” jobs and Mass Education. These two things really play an important role all of our lives. In my paper, I will explain about these two things, how they connect with each other and how it affects in social life.
Good versus bad jobs have really good and bad effect in our social life. In the book, John Lie tells his experience that how he applied in a factory for a job in the summer. He says that just an elderly person asked him a few questions and hired him, but John tells that in the factory the supervisors asked the employers to work faster yet make fewer mistakes. John hates the smell, the noise and heat were unbearable for him. He started doing this job at minimum wage. One day, he was finishing his job and going home and he bumped into his friend and John’s friend told him a new job in a bookstore. Compare to the factory job the book store job was really good. From this experience, we can say that how he faces difficulty we he even did not have ay school diploma. He talks about his another good job when he completes his university and he got Ph.D. He got one of the best job with his Ph.D. but he started doing another job too because with that one job salary, he hardly covered his rent. His second job was as a business consultant in a major corporation. It was a really good job compared to his any summer job. In the book, it says that bad jobs don’t pay that much and require the performance of routine task under close supervision, and you have to face the unpleasant working conditions dangerous and for the worst jobs you require little formal education. In bad jobs, you can easily be fired and you receive few benefits and chance for promotions are few. Good jobs require higher levels of e...

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...ies with the bad job so it is really good if we have good job for our surviving. For example, the MacDonald employee. So it 's really good that if you are working in a profession that really interest you compare to do any other jobs that did not interest you and you are doing those jobs just for your survival.
I will give you one example about one person who is now doing a really good job. Before finishing his studies, he was doing a job as pizza delivery boy and when he was completing his study and he got a diploma in engineering. Now he is doing a really good job and he get one-month vacation and it’s paid. from this experience, I can say that it was really hard for him when he was doing the part-time job as a pizza delivery boy but now he is enjoying his life. For example, he has good job with benefits, he has work five days per week and he get one-month vacation.

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