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In reality, people with an education tend to be very successful while the people without an education tend to be unsuccessful. Education is a key factor that defines the basis of human-beings and lays the foundation for human development. It also plays a major role in creating a huge gap in the division within the social classes. This huge gap is due to unsuccessful education that exists in society. There are many factors that contribute to unsuccessful education which include expensive education, the quality of education, and disadvantaged individuals. Education is an important aspect of society that needs affordability, skilled and professional teachers, and resources in order to be successful and conform to societal standards.
Successful education requires to be affordably priced because not all students have the ability to afford education preventing many students from obtaining a good education. The tuition of education has skyrocketed within the last few years. Currently private college tuition such as the Ivy League Harvard University costs an arm and a leg. According to Harvard University, 1 year of tuition costs around $60,000 (Harvard University). Degrees are usually 4 years that totals to around $240,000 for education. This amount is outrageous and only some people have the ability to afford this expensive and good education. The price of education affects the social classes greatly. The middle and upper class people have the ability to pay for the $240,000 for education. On the other hand, the lower class people are unable to pay for high costs of education. Alternatively, a lower class person would choose to attend a public college due to its affordability. For example, the lower class person might attend Baruch Col...

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...nal. Gates was fascinated about the computer terminal which led to his success. This resource gave Gates innovation of Microsoft as he changed the personal computing industry. If Lakeside School did not purchase resources, Gates would not be able to invent Microsoft.
Ultimately, it is apparent that there are a lot of issues to address in order to establish a successful education. The biggest issue is the affordability of schools because it determines the quality of one’s education. The quality of teachers and the resources available to all students will be addressed once the tuition is affordable because it will close the gap in the accessibility of education within the lower, middle and upper-class. Successful education establishes the path of human and economic development that will promote new industries, technologies, innovations and ideas for a better future.
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