Is College Worth It 'And' Is College Worth It?

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Nowadays people passion about becoming successful in life. Everybody wants to have a lot of money, because money makes our lives easier. To get a lot of money, we have to have a well-paid job. To get a good job without a college education is hard, but some people still earn a lot of money without it. So, is going to college worth your time and money now, for your life tomorrow? As a part of my investigation of this question, I read two texts: the interview of J. Stephens from the New York Times by Holly Epstein Ojalvo called “Why Go to College At All?” and the article “Is College Worth It?” from New York Times by David Leonhardt.
In the article “Why Go to College At All?” published in the New York Times Magazine, the author
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Leonhardt article, I think his idea that college education is important no matter what and it will always be like that - is really strong. Especially with all the data and statistics that he provides in the article, it seems like there is no other choice rather than to believe him and go to get a college degree if you still don’t have it. It is definitely going to pay off. “It’s the most reliable ticket to the middle class and beyond,” he said. When I think about…show more content…
When I am reading the article by Mr. Ojalvo, which is based on the Mr. Stephens interview, I am trying to put myself in the shoes of a person without education and a person who has to be either genius or a really lucky one in the life to become that successful as, for example, Steve Jobs. But when I put myself in the shoes of the person with college education I feel myself much more comfortable and I can say that I can be confident in my future. For me, it’s really important to know that my in my future life I am not going to suffer from poverty, hunger and education is definitely guarantee me that it is not going to happen. On the other hand, Mr. Leonhardt is missing the point that we live in the century of technologies and communications and we can get an education without leaving our houses. We just need the access to the Internet and motivation to get self-education. But unfortunately, nobody is going to give us diploma for that. I guess, diploma which is just a sheet of paper, is that guarantee for the future successful life. It is that reliable ticket that the author
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