Global Warming : A Huge Global Issue Essays

Global Warming : A Huge Global Issue Essays

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Global warming is a huge global issue concerning millions of people across the globe. Global warming is primarily caused by the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. These gasses are causing the Earth’s atmosphere to become thinner which, in return, causes an increase in temperature throughout the world. Although, most people believe that climate change is a natural phenomenon, others believe that humans are playing a huge roll in the increase of global warming.
The effects of global warming are caused by a number of different things. Over the twentieth century, temperatures have risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (Knowlton). These rising
temperatures are slowly causing hardships for people, plants, and animals. The rise in CO2
(carbon dioxide) over the last century has increased more rapidly than natural climate change could have caused. This is thought to be the fault of human activity because the particular type of CO2 that is being released into the atmosphere is directly connected to humans. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, CO2 that is emitted from fossil fuels such as oil and coal can be differentiated from natural CO2 gasses. “ The United States greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in 2012 totaled 6.5 million metric tons, which is equivalent to about 78.3 billion shipping containers filled with greenhouse gases” (Allen).
Global warming that is caused by human activity is causing the ice caps to melt at an increasing rate, far faster than natural climate change. Sea levels are also rising at an increased rate due to global warming. This is being caused by melting ice caps and the expansion of warming ocean waters. The rise in levels of ocean water can cause severe outc...

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...ouse gasses created by humans has very little effect on the Earth’s climate changes. It is merely a natural phenomenon that happens every so often. The increase in severe weather is also a natural happening that humans have no control over. There is very little evidence that supports that hurricanes, droughts, floods, and tornadoes are caused by human-induced global warming.
There are thousands of ideas on what is causing global warming. Sixty-three percent of all Americans believe that global warming is happening, and forty-eight percent believe that global warming is caused primarily by humans, and thirty-five percent believe that there is no evidence that global warming is happening at all (NIPCC). It is, however, safe to say that increases in greenhouse gasses will further the progression of global warming and create widespread changes in climate and environment.

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