does global warming exist

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Have anyone of you felt like; every year the winter is getting shorter or the days are not so cold like they use to be. Well it’s all happening because of global warming. Does Global Warming exist? It’s real, it’s us, and it’s bad The subject of global warming is as popular as the president. These both topics have always been hot subjects in everyday life. Global warming is the biggest storm headed in our way. It is also the most important issue of our times. Those ads or public service announcement on TV about global warming might not be the most attractive but the cause behind it is very important. Global warming is one of the major threats our planet is facing. Most scientists prove the fact that global warming is mainly caused by human activities rather than natural cycles. To simplify it, most mechanisms that we use are affecting earth. These mechanisms are created by humans. Therefore, humans are affecting earth. How humans have caused Global Warming? Humans have caused global warming by doing many things but the main three are burning of fossil fuels and green house gas emission, deforestation, and excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Global warming is like a bad dream going worse. The emission of green house gasses due to human activity contributes the most in increasing global warming. Today, fossil fuels are used as a source of energy for transportation, electricity, industrial process and to increase human comfort in this era. Over the last decade humans have created mass amount of industries. These industries have been burning fossil fuels such as coal, which release carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide; carbon dioxide absorbs heat that raises the temperature of the earth. More than 80% of carbon dioxide comes from tr... ... middle of paper ... ...mful diseases, cleaner environment, last but not the least, saving the planet for our future generation. Scientists used experimental methods and statistical analysis to prove that human activities cause global warming, through emission of greenhouse gasses, deforestation and the use of chemical fertilizer. Environmentalists and scientists are trying to enlarge the use of renewable energy technologies e.g. solar and wind energy. Plantation of trees can also reduce global warming at a large scale by absorbing carbon dioxide. Use of animal manure instead of chemical fertilizers can reduce exhaustion of ozone layer. The use of renewable energy source together with human cooperation can make this environment better place for present and future generation. As a student, as a citizen, as a person living in this world, I am here to say we need to act before it’s too late.
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