Essay about Global issues: Immigration and Migration

Essay about Global issues: Immigration and Migration

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Immigration is the movement of people into the foreign country for a variety of reasons. These reasons could be related to job search, education, and lifestyle change or to escape unfavorable conditions in their home countries. It is a matter that has been in the minds of many American leaders. Due to the reasons that lead to immigration, it must be understood as a phenomenon that is meant to be there permanently, rather than temporary movement. Further, most immigrants tend to move into a new country with their families hoping to change their life (Bailey, 2008). The problem of immigration, therefore, covers multiple dimensions and is multifaceted. Apart from the mere movement from one country to another, whether seasonal or permanent, immigration issues cover the effects of the permanent residence of the immigrants. The result so described refers to the direct impact of this movement to the economy, and the social life of both the immigrants and the natives. The results could be related to labor uncertainty, as well as unemployment levels that have a direct relationship to the crimes and lawlessness (Rubin & Melnick, 2006).
Another issue related to immigration that raises great interest is the aspect of illegal immigrants. These are the people who move into the country through illegal means or remain in a country far longer that their visa permits. These people reside in the countryside with poor or no income at all and contribute significantly to the income inequality in the country which is currently on the increase. The significance of the topic and its penalties have led to intense politics concerning the issue. Since 1986, laws and bills have been enacted in an effort to streamline the problem and provide a once and for al...

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