Four Stages of Culture Shock Faced By Immigrants

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A sudden change in one’s surroundings can result in culture shock. Culture shock refers to the anxiety and surprise a person feels when he or she is discontented with an unfamiliar setting. The majority of practices or customs are different from what a person is used to. One may experience withdrawal, homesickness, or a desire for old friends. For example, when a person goes to live in a different place with unfamiliar surroundings, they may experience culture shock. Sometimes it is the result of losing their identity. In the article “The Phases of Culture Shock”, Pamela J. Brink and Judith Saunders describe four phases of culture shock. They are: Honeymoon Phase, Disenchantment Phase, Beginning Resolution Phase, and Effective Function Phase. These phases denote some of the stages that exemplify culture shock. The four phases are illustrated in the articles “New Immigrants: Portraits in Passage” by Thomas Bentz, “Immigrant America: A Portrait” by Alejandro Portes and Ruben G. Rumbaut, “When I Was Puerto Rican” by Esmeralda Santiago, “Today’s Immigrants, Their Stories” by Thomas Kessner and Betty Boyd Caroli, and lastly, “The New Americans: Immigrant Life in Southern California” by Ulli Steltzer, and are about the experiences of some immigrants. This essay will examine the four phases of culture shock and classify the experiences of these immigrants by the different phases of culture shock identified. The first phase of culture shock is the Honeymoon phase. This phase is marked by anticipation. In the Honeymoon phase a person looks forward to experiencing the new culture. The person is excited about learning about the new and different place, the people, or the customs. Usually, they are excited about the new exper... ... middle of paper ... ...says used also show us that all these four phases of culture shock can affect all types of people from all types of cultures. Works Cited Kiniry, Malcolm, and Mike Rose, eds. Critical Strategies, 3rd Ed. Boston, MA: St. Martin’s, 1998. Print. Bentz, Thomas, “New Immigrants: Portraits in Passage.” Kiniry and Rose 333-336. Print. Brink, Pamela J. and Judith Saunders, “The Phases of Culture Shock.” Kiniry and Rose 332-333. Print. Kessner, Thomas and Betty Boyd Caroli, “Today’s Immigrants, Their Stories.” Kiniry and Rose 343-346. Print. Portes, Alejandro and Ruben G. Rumbaut, “Immigrant America: A Portrait.” Kiniry and Rose 336-337. Print. Santiago, Esmeralda, “When I Was Puerto Rican.” Kiniry and Rose 337-343. Print. Steltzer, Ulli, “The New Americans: Immigrant Life in Southern California.” Kiniry and Rose 346-347. Print.

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