Gender Socialization Is The Process Of People Learning Behavior Essay

Gender Socialization Is The Process Of People Learning Behavior Essay

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Gender Socialization is the process of people learning behavior according to their sex by social structures in their society. Social structures like families and school create gender behavior which is a social construct. My gender socialization for the most part was taught to me in an indirect way. I learned by the example social structures set for me. My gender socialization came from family, my peers, and music I listen to.
First my parents played a role in my gender socialization. My parents since birth enforced heteronormativity. My parents were straight and married, so they set an example for me. They made me cut the grass and do more masculine chores because I had to be the man. My dad also was the breadwinner of the family, and my mom stayed at home to take care of the kids. My mom did all of the domestic chores while my dad did all the chores that were considered to be more masculine like yard work. My parents didn’t teach me to that as Man your wife should stay at home doing all the domestic chores directly on the contrary they want me to marry a college educated women and help my wife with the chores, but my family did not work that way. I was also taught that I had to have a stable job, so I could marry a wife and raise my kids in a comfortable respectable way. That would make my parents proud and the sacrifice’s they made for my future to have a successful career worth it, for a long time in my life the idea of being gay was so foreign to me because of the normalcy a heterosexual marriage seemed to me. I was socialized to think this way because in Ethiopia there is not a lot of things that you can be that is worse than being gay. Ethiopians being a majority of the people close to my life at an early age when I saw g...

... middle of paper ... My friends on the other hand might respond to me dressing unfashionably as me being gay because I scarring all the hoes. I like to listen to The Weekend he is in my top 10 of favorite artist’s, but as a black male other black males or females might feel like a real nigga don’t listen to a singing nigga, but other people don’t think twice if its ok to listen to the weekend based on their sex. With the gender boundaries of acceptable behavior being, so wide and different among different diverse cultures in America I don’t feel like I am pushing the boundaries of gender socialization. I don’t feel trapped by the boundaries, but I feel like with so many walls of gender socialization torn down in America that besides homosexuality the walls were replaced with fog. Instead of trying to put my high beam on trying to navigate through the fog; I just try to be myself.

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