The Gender Of The Audience Essay

The Gender Of The Audience Essay

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• Gender- the gender of the audience to whom I’ll be presenting in front of will consist of both male and female genders. At the University of Michigan students here are considered equal no matter if they are male or female. The audience is made up of 11 female students and 6 male students. The topic I need to consider should be not be specifically gender linked for an audience that has mixed gender.
• Age- The audience will consist of younger adults between the ages of 18 and 21 years old. I do in fact fall into this age range, so I could include a topic that I am interested in. The age range is interested in college, selecting a career, sports, and spending time with friends. It would be not reasonable to speak about a topic regarding retirement or life insurance.
• Ethnicity- The audience will be compiled with a broad range of ethnicities. The audience’s ethnicities include Lebanese, White Americans, and African Americans, so it is important that I do not accidentally insult any of the audience members who have a different ethnicity as mine. Many of the students in the audience share similar U.S culture, and have similar styles of communication. The audience’s dialect and conversational rules are the same through out the classroom.
• Economic Status- The economic status of the audience is considered poor, because they are college students paying for tuition and have little time for a job to earn income. People who are not as wealthy tend to more liberal and open-minded, because they have less to lose or more gain if they listen to the speaker.
• Occupation- Most of the audience will have an occupation of minimum wage jobs, and some have no job at all. I have to do little to no transferring of one’s technical terminology into...

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...time of the presentation is at noon on a Friday. Most of the audience will be excited and inattentive because the weekend is coming up. I will have to present a fun topic that the audience will be eager to here about. The presentation length is 5-8 minutes, which is considerably lengthy in comparison to the last presentation, which was 2-4 minutes in length. I will have to consider that the audience will appreciate a presentation that is somewhere between the time range and the presentation doesn’t drag on with repetitive information.
• Importance- The importance of the presentation is to produce an semi-formal informative speech. The audience will want to come away from the speech with learning something they haven’t learned before. Creating an informative speech on a unique topic will help capture the audience’s attention and will leave with learning something new.

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