Dangers Of Breast Cancer Essay

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Jessica Johnson Human Sexuality Th 6-9 p.m. 5/8/14 The Dangers of Breast Cancer The risks of getting cancer in this day and age has been increasing at a rate that could be detrimental to the human race if we do not act now. It is scary to think that you or someone you love and care about will get some type of cancer in their life time. Although there are many different types of cancer that is in existence today, the main focus is breast cancer. We are going to explore the causes breast cancer, the stages, how we can treat it and what precautions that can be taken to help lower ones risk of getting breast cancer. In America a baby girl born today has a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer sometime in her life. These statistics do not seem so scary until they are put into perspective. Every three minute a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and one will die every 13 minutes in a given day. If these rates of breast cancer continue to rise there will soon be a one in one baby girl born that will et diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the future of our world that we are talking about here and no one seems to be changing the main factors that contribute to breast cancer. There are many different suspicious causes but one thing that is clear is that an unhealthy environment has an enormous impact on women and their development from babies to women. There is not one factor that is known to cause breast cancer solely, but there are a combination of factors that all work together in allowing these cancer cells to reproduce and invade. Gender is a big factor in breast cancer as the majority of people who get breast cancer are women. Men are capable of getting breast cancer but the likeliness of men getting breast cancer is very min... ... middle of paper ... ...therapy. Surgery entails partial mastectomy, full mastectomy and a radical mastectomy. Woman of course want to be able to keep their breast in tact but in some cases it is necessary to emoted part of the breast or the whole breast. Partial mastectomy only removes part of the affected breast depending on how big the tumor is and the location in which it is placed. A full mestetocomy is where the full breast is removed along with other tissues nearby if necessary which is known as radical mastectomy. Many times women go through numerous reconstructive surgeries to reshape their breast attempting to construct them as closely as possible to their original breast. Chemotherapy is a universal treetment for every stage of breast cancer whether doctors are using pre surgery to help shrink tumors or post surgery to ensure that cancer cells do not show their ugly face again.
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