My Past Life

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I’m going to write about my past life and how it has influenced me now that I am older. Most of the bad things I did and most of the good things I did while I was growing up.
Five things that have affected my life. One was when I was small my dad when to stop. Because of this situation I don’t even like to drink because beer could have had my dad killed. It’s a good thing that he doesn’t drink now because if he did I wouldn’t live with him for being an alcoholic father.
The second is when I was 11 years old I found out that I was pretty good at playing basketball. Because of basketball I’m glad I didn’t turn out like the rest of my neighborhood friends, a gangster and a lowlife locked up for years.
The third is when I was in 6th grade my older brother got sick from a disease called diabetes that you get from eating too much sugar. When I found out I got scared and I stopped eating a lot of sweet stuff and I started playing sports to keep myself healthy.
My fourth is when I was a 7th grader my friend started getting involved in gangs. Most of my friends were getting is that when I got to high school I found out that everything you do affects you in the future. I was getting bad grades and I was never able to play sports cause of my grades. Now I know I have to get good grades to play sports and I could graduate from Avenal High School.
The three most influential people are my sister mom and dad. My sister cause she would always stop me when I was making stupid decisions. One time I was going to stop playing sports just to go mess around with my gangster friends and she wouldn’t let me.
My mom cause she would spank me every time I got in trouble doing dumb things. She would always care for me and didn’t let me get too crazy. She would always make me come to school because she thinks having an education is the most important thing so I thank showed me how to take care of myself.
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